March 2, 2015

REVIEW: Rule Breaker (Break on Through #1) By, Harper Kincaid

Just one more can’t hurt…right?

Re-belle-ious, free-spirited Lauren Renwick has decided it’s time to trade her wings for roots. That means no more bad boys, no more foolish choices. Yet when she’s stood up on New Year’s Eve, her resolution to stick to her Mama’s Rules for Dating weakens. Especially when she spots sex-in-leather-and-tattoos, Jackson Sullivan.

One look at Lauren, and Jackson is hell-bent on getting her on the back of his Harley and riding straight for his bed. Their night together is an erotic rush that has a new word popping up on his horizon—forever.

Lauren tries to convince herself he’s just one last fling to get bad boys out of her system, yet she finds herself falling hard and fast for a man with a stalker ex and a meddling Irish family. Plus, he has zero chance of passing her uptight parents’ inspection.

Jackson has Lauren’s back, but if she wants all of his heart, she’ll have to meet him halfway—by ditching rules that hold her prisoner, and learning to stand up for what she really wants.  

Lauren has always fallen for the wrong type of man. The guy that isn’t looking for a forever and her family has had enough. They sit her down and give her rules to follow to get her life together and find her forever love. When her boyfriend dumps her on New Year’s Eve she decides to go into a biker bar for the night. What she wasn’t expecting was Jackson. Lauren was a character that in the beginning was living for her parents. She is from the south and wants to make her parents happy.  While she does try to live the free life she wants she doesn’t tell her parents. She was an interesting character though. She wasn’t bitter and she has a fiery temper.

Jackson knows what he wants and he goes for it immediately. The minute Lauren walks threw his bar he knows he wants her. Jackson isn’t about to let her run away and when he gets her in his bed, Jackson isn’t about to let her go. Jackson was a great character. I loved him. He was his own person. He had a biker bar, rode a motorcycle, and had a lot of tattoos. But he was smart and had a job other than the bar that brought in steady money. He was a contradiction and the perfect match for Lauren. Jackson doesn’t let Lauren get away with diminishing their night or running. He wants her and he will do what it takes to keep her.

I actually really liked this story. When we first opened I wasn’t sure I was going to like it but I kept with it and ended up really enjoying everything. Each of the characters seemed real. The choices they make throughout the book made them relatable and also made me love them more. While the romance went fast it was believable. I loved the way this story was put together. It was funny and romantic. It was steamy without being overwhelming. When you have a short read some authors go overboard with the sex but Harper Kincaid didn’t do that. I love how we had the mom’s rules at the top of the chapter and then right under it what Lauren did to break them. It added humor to the fast paced romance.

I am definitely interested in reading more from this author and the series.  

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