June 14, 2014

Compliments Review

Mari K. Cicero
3.5 Stars!!!!


Robin Lewis is a brilliant college student who did a truly stupid thing. Trying to escape the consequences of a forbidden romance, she enrolls at prestigious Manderson University, and decides that the only way to avoid making the same mistake twice is to have no social life at all. All good and fine, until she literally falls into Hawk Stephens' life one late night at the office.

Hawk is more than just a pretty face and a brilliant mind. He's also the night janitor. Robin wants to resist the attraction, but it's hard to ignore the way he seems so perfect for her. But when she finds out Hawk is so much more than he seems, embroiled by the fallout of his own regretful decisions, she questions if two such broken people can ever add up to a whole.

"I like Hawk Stephens. I'm being distracted by Hawk Stephens. I'm attracted to Hawk Stephens. What all of that amounts to is....I'm in trouble."

My Thoughts….


When I started to read this book I wasn't sure what I expected. I mean the blurb doesn't really give us much to go by. There is Robin that is running from a previous relationship at a different University. Then we have Hawk that is trying to get his life back together after he made a decision he regrets. From my point of view that doesn't really give us anything to go by when it comes to the actual story. It only took me a few sentences to get hooked into the story. I went into the story not expecting much and it turned out to be great! It didn't take me long to read and it was really enjoyable.


Robin Lewis ran from her previous college because of a forbidden relationship. She is trying to start over in a new school without participating in the social aspect of everything. She plans to keep to herself and prove that she is not the same person and she deserves to be in this program. All of that starts to go up in flames when she literally falls for Hawk. She falls flat on her face in front of Hawk cleaning the classroom. Hawk Stevens is the night Janitor for Manderson. He made some decisions that were spur of the moment that he can't take back. He now has to fight for his right to stay at the university. Hawk now has another reason to fight as hard as he can to stay at Manderson, Robin. He has wanted her since the moment she fell into the shipping and receiving room. He just needs her to admit she wants the same thing. I loved these characters. Robin was timid and shy but also stubborn and sassy when she got comfortable with Hawk. I really didn't think I was going to like her in the beginning because of her superiority complex it looked like she was going to have. But this was before we found out about her past and the complex only lasted a minute or two. The only thing I didn't really like about her was that she seemed to be very judgmental. She tried to say she wasn't but she judged pretty much everyone right from the beginning, and usually really really wrong. Hawk is another story. I loved him right from the beginning. He was a nerdy bad boy and I kinda loved it. He has a brilliant mind and he definitely likes to protect people. He knows what he wants right from the beginning and he over looks some of the things that Robin does and forgives her for them.

"I'm going to kiss you now," he declares, "deep, hard, and long. And I'm going to kiss you like that every time I see you, so you might as well get used to it."


The story was a really fun read. The characters worked. You actually became invested in the characters that you see in the book even though there are not many characters other than the main two. Which I thought was a little weird. I mean neither one of them had any friends. They hung out with each other and studied. Granted I never went to school on an actual campus because I commuted but I would have thought that they would've had a least one each. But other than that we only meet some people once or twice, not really any more than that. Hawk and Robin's story is good enough that you really don't need much more than them. The story had a nice flow to it. We weren't skipping around in time erratically or anything. The love story developed nicely as well. They took their time and got to know each other. You didn't even hear "I love you" until the end of the book. If you are looking for a book with steamy scenes in it this book isn't for you. There were make-out scenes and "sex" scene but they were relatively clean. There wasn't much detail, so if that is what you are looking for this book accomplishes that.

I kind of found this book to be a little predictable. I knew what was going to happen with the "villain" of the story and Robin. It wasn't that hard to figure out. Even before we knew what happened with Hawk you could guess it. The only person that didn't figure it out was Robin. I mean the description of Hawk's body language and things should have given it away. Other than that the book was a sweet, nerdy, love story that you can really get into.


"Like the mathematical topics each of us are consumed with, we are compliments. What one gives, the other receives in reciprocal, always adding up to a perfect, encompassing whole. Together, we are complete."


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