June 1, 2014

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Winter Embrace

Kathleen Hall

Ten years ago Winter’s heart was broken beyond repair by Stone McCoy. Now she is a travel agent ready to lead an Alaskan Cruise and to her surprise Stone McCoy is on her tour. A long ago phone call shattered her trust and her self-confidence. She never planned to see Stone again.

While at college, Stone McCoy woke up, after a fraternity party, to find a girl in his bed. Weeks later she told him she’s pregnant. Calling Winter to break things off was the worst night of his life. Now he’s hoping for a second chance at happiness.

The chemistry is electrifying but old issues lead these two on a merry chase. Can they put old hurts aside and begin again? Join Rancher Stone McCoy and Winter James as they try to find happiness from Alaska to Texas and finally on his Montana Ranch.


Winter squealed as he lifted her into his arms and carried her inside. Setting her down, he watched her expressions. From her smiles, he knew that she approved.

“Like it?”

She took off her coat and whirled in a circle. “Like it? I love it. I never imagined.” She walked into the kitchen and ran her hands over the granite counter. “It all looks new.”

“It is.”

With a tilt of her head, she pinned him with her stare. “I thought you were just going to fix it up. I never expected, I never asked…”

“It was time to give this old place a face lift. I only had them leave a few pieces of furniture. I figured we could go buy new stuff.”

“No. You will not be buying me new furniture. Stone, I work for what I get and I pay my own way.”

Stone walked over to her. He stood toe to toe with her, gazing at her averted face. He put his finger under her chin and lifted her face toward his. “Don’t let pride get in your way.”

Her eyes shimmered. “It’s not pride. I don’t know what it is. One minute I want you with my whole being. I want to be in your arms, in your bed. Then something comes and places a black shadow over those thoughts and I become wary.”

Opening his arms, he drew her to him. He loved the feel of her in his arms. She felt so right. “I wish I knew how to rid you of all doubt.”

“Why don’t you show me the rest of the place?”

The tour consisted of the whole house except for the bedroom. He felt like a big fool. Maybe lighting candles in the bedroom was a bad idea. It had seemed so perfect before. When he finally opened the bedroom door, she gasped.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? It’s so beautiful, I never imagined anyone would do this for me.” Reaching up, she put her arms around his neck, pulling his head down so she could kiss him.

Her velvety, full lips were a taste of his future and he couldn’t get enough of her.

“You’re sure that Rachael will be all right with Colt and Caleb?”

Stone grabbed her hands and pulled her toward him. “She loves it over there. Besides I have my neighbor, Summer, Holden’s wife, on standby if needed.” He kissed her behind the ear and enjoyed the resulting shiver.

“The bed, it’s beautiful. I’ve never seen a four-poster bed before. Pictures, of course, but it certainly is impressive.” Winter kissed his cheek. “You did all this for me?”

“Of course and not just for a one night stand either. I want you to be happy and I’m not feeding you a bunch of lies. I have missed you every single day we were apart.”

Pulling away, she gazed into his eyes.

“I can sense your hesitation and, believe me, I understand. I know I’m the cause of the look of doubt in your eyes.” He caressed her satiny cheek with the back of his hand. “Trust me.”

The whole room brightened with her smile and when she nodded at him, he thought his heart would burst. 

He’d been given the gift of a second chance and it humbled him.

He kissed the side of her neck, and the resulting shiver gave him all the confidence he needed. Her top and bra were off in record time. He could feel her trying to unbutton his shirt with shaking hands. He quickly took over embracing her skin to skin.

Lifting a hand between them, Stone stroked her breasts. Her hardened nipples excited him to no end. Sitting on the bed, he pulled her down, laid her on her back, and he kissed one, then the other pebbled nipple. Her little moans enthralled him and when he felt her hands running over his chest, he couldn’t wait any longer.
He reached and unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them off, revealing black lace panties. Stone grinned, but just as quickly, he took them off her.

“You are so beautiful, more so than I remember, and your skin is like the softest down.” He ran his hands up her creamy thighs, kissing everywhere he touched while she squirmed beneath him.

“Stone, please.”

“I’m getting there, don’t worry.”

“I mean now, don’t tease me. Get your pants off and make love to me.”

Stone laughed. “What do you think I’ve been doing?”

“Well do it faster, you’re making me crazy!”

Stone shucked his pants and lowered himself on top of her. Winter’s beautiful, green eyes and long, blonde hair struck him. He'd dreamt of this moment. Kissing her deeply, he entered her. It was everything he remembered and more. Winter met him thrust for thrust as though she couldn’t get enough of him.

Stiffening, she cried out and it was enough to send him over the edge. God, it felt good. Finally, she was his.
He started to take her into his arms when his cell phone rang. Groaning, he rolled off the bed, found his jeans on the floor, and pulled his phone out of the pocket. He answered it looking at Winter’s luminous eyes, hoping the call wasn’t important. It was Colt.

“What happened?”

“Rachael wants her mama. Apparently, she was sliding down the porch banister, thinking that the snow would catch her like a cloud. Instead it was iced over.”

Winter jumped up and grabbed her clothes. “Is she all right?”

“Nothing a little TLC from you couldn’t cure.”

About the Author

Sexy Cowboys and the women that love them...Finalist in the 2012 RONE Awards. Top pick, 5 star series from the Romance Review. Kathleen Ball writes contemporary western romance with great emotion and memorable characters. Her books are award winners and have appeared on best sellers lists including Amazon's Best Sellers List. There's something about a cowboy.

Dawson Ranch Series--- Alice's Story, Texas Haven, Ryelee's Cowboy
Lasso Springs Series- - Callie's Heart, Lone Star Joy and Stetson's Storm
Cowboy Season's Series -- Summer's Desire, Autumn's Hope, Winter’s Embrace

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