August 18, 2014

Finding Keepers Review

Finding Keepers

Kristi Strong
3 Stars

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Starting a new life is never easy, but Alyssa Doe has turned it into an art form. Abandoned by her parents at age ten, six years in foster care has taught Alyssa how to get through life the hard way.

Now sixteen and growing desperate for a stable life, Alyssa finds herself puzzled by her newest keeper, twenty-five year old Jessica Sona. A feisty woman who won't accept no for an answer, Jessica’s insistence on safety, family, and unconditional love begin to break down Alyssa’s walls and bring her hope, a dangerous emotion.

Can such a thing as family and love exist for a girl whose birth name is Doe, or will Alyssa be forever left finding keepers?

Alyssa Doe has been in the system since she was ten. Her mother abandoned her and never looked back. She has been moved so many times she doesn’t think it is going to be any different when she comes to live with Jessica Sona.

My heart broke for Alyssa’s character. She has had to live through every bad home ever imagined. She has been lucky that none of them have been physical abuse but now she lives her life trying to not be a nuisance and she carries the little she owns in her purple backpack. Alyssa starts to find hope and strength in the people that she finds in this new home. She goes through a transformation, one where she finds hope, love, and family.

Jessica Sona is Alyssa’s new keeper. Jessica is a great role model in this book. She makes sure she knows Alyssa’s quirks so that she can help her get through them. She is there for Alyssa in every way as she tries to show her that this is a forever home. Jessica has secrets of her own that will change Alyssa forever.

Brianna and Caleb are Alyssa’s first ever true friends. No matter how hard she tried to push these two away they stick by her and show her that you can make a family even if the one you were born into doesn’t want you. Both of them were very understanding and loyal. They understood Alyssa’s crazy moments and helped her through them. Brianna gave Alyssa the chance to take care of someone instead of looking for someone to take care of her. She also showed that everyone is a little broken.

I was a little confused with the Josh-Caleb thing. I mean I was rooting for Alyssa to find her first love in Caleb and at times it seemed like that was what was going to happen she was just afraid she couldn’t survive if she lost Caleb. Josh just seemed like an unnecessary addition.

The writing in this book was done well. The flow worked and the author managed to have all of the characters grow in their own way. They interact really well with each other. This book was a good one and I would recommend it to anyone that loves YA reads. 

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