December 29, 2014

REVIEW: Riding it Out By, Jennifer Foor

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This beginning of this book was originally released in an anthology called AMERICAN HONEY, THE STORM, that is no longer available.

Riding it Out is the whole story told in two parts.
The Storm.
The Hurricane.

One woman
One man
An empty bed and breakfast
A summer storm
One night they'll never forget

Can two strangers find happiness in each other, or will past secrets make it impossible?

Jennifer mentions in the blurb that the beginning of the book was previously released in an Anthology. Riding it out is broken up into two different parts. “Erica” part 1 The Storm and “Reed” part 2 the hurricane. As you might have guessed the first part is told from Erica’s POV and the 2nd is told by Reed.

Erica inherits an old bed and breakfast from her aunt after she dies. When Erica goes to her lawyer to start the process of putting everything into her name a storm starts right when she enters the empty house. When a motorcycle rider shows up at her door looking for shelter for the night against her gut she lets him stay for the night.

Erica is a self-proclaim good girl and prude. She doesn’t have one night stands or even get intimate with men she doesn’t know really well. When she meet Reed she gets feelings that she isn’t used to and it makes her want to step out of the box she put herself in. With one crazy and intense night she needs to figure out what is going to make her happy. Staying in the house she has always loved or go back to the city and try and be happy.

This book was really interesting in the way it was written. Both parts are about a novella length and tell two different periods of Erica and Reed’s love story. The second part takes place a few months after the first part ends. I kind of wished the story ended in the first part but I also don’t We get to learn so much more about Reed and who he is in the second and I would have regretted not getting to know him. I would definitely recommend this story to every romance reader out there.

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