December 29, 2014

REVIEW: Him, Her, Them Box Set By, Elizabeth Lynx

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Is this the type of story you should read after ‘Fifty Shades’, depends. Do you want something where the woman is an innocent naive and a powerful billionaire introduces her to toys, games and other naughty play? Well keep moving because this ain’t it. 

Do you want a story where the woman is strong, sexy and in control? Where the man is sexy as f**k and a self-proclaimed Jekyll and Hyde with woman? Do you want a story where these two characters come together and, well, I think you can imagine what happens? No toys please, they definitely don’t need them. 

Josephine Powell is an intelligent assistant professor of Psychology. She is a woman who knows what she wants, a man she would be happy giving a grade A to in the bedroom. Unfortunately, she has yet to meet a man that even comes close. She’s tired of dealing with men who just don’t try, she needs a man who can handle her and her needs. 

Pierce Carver is a smart man. So, smart he got out of the slums of Baltimore to go to MIT and make a lot of money so he never has to visit his old neighborhood ever again. He’s not interested in making money anymore, he’s interested in only two things, his charity to help inner city youth and woman. The later he prefers variety, as in one good lay and then out the door you go. Woman are for sex and nothing more. 

Josephine meet Pierce. 
Pierce meet Josephine. 
Can they handle what each wants and needs?

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Josephine Powell is an intelligent assistant professor of Psychology. She is a woman who knows what she wants: a man who can earn a grade "A" in the bedroom, but is smart enough to earn an "A" in romance as well. After last night with Pierce Carver she thinks she found her first-ever A-man, but will he be able to capture her heart in the daytime?

Pierce Carver has, between hard work and brains, achieved everything he's set his eye on. A serial entrepreneur, now independently wealthy, his sexual prowess has always kept women from leaving after the deed was done, much to his chagrin.

Until the night Josephine comes into his life, that is: the one woman he wanted to stay through the next morning! It’s the morning after the best sex of his life, when he wakes to find neither her nor her number, only an enigmatic note. Will he even be able to find her? If he does, will she even want a man who has no idea how to woo a woman?

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***WARNING*** 18+ Readers Only! Hot, Steamy Sex with Sexy Man and Woman! This story may cause sweating, staying up late due to being unable to put story down, and all manner of book boyfriend behavior. Read with caution:

Josephine Powell has a Grade A man in Pierce. She has a great career as Assistant Professor of Psychology with a chance for a full professorship. Even her friend Luna has found love in Pierce’s friend Corbin. So why is her world starting to turn upside down. Her co-worker treats her as if there is a serious joke she isn’t getting and Pierce keeps pulling away. Is everything good in her straight A life or is something very dark lurking in the shadows waiting to destroy everything?

Pierce Carver has the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. He would do anything for her, except tell her the truth. He knows that will destroy them and possibly her too. Can he hang on to Josephine or will his past be the cancer that kills all that he loves?

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Luna Baxter had the dream life: a great job, amazing friends and a gorgeous boyfriend, until it all came crashing down when her father got sick. She had to say goodbye to her friends, her job and the love of her life to move half way across the country and be with her family.

It’s a year and a half later, her father has passed and she just wants to return to her old life in Baltimore. But when she comes home, nothing is the same. Her best friend is pregnant and very, very hormonal. Her new job is not at all what she experienced before, and her old flame has a new girlfriend.

Corbin Medina is “Just okay.” He started his own successful app business. His girlfriend is beautiful and caring. Despite his best friend whining about the fear of fatherhood, he couldn't be happier for him. So, why is he just okay? Because his one true love isn't there to share it all with him – until she walks through the door on Thanksgiving.

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BOOK #1:

With the opening of this new novella series we meet Jos and her best friend Luna as they are getting ready to go out to the clubs for the night. They both are looking for their A+ men. Both in bed and out. They have no idea what is waiting for them at the club. Pierce and his two best friends are at a club in town looking for their usual one night stand hook-ups. When Pierce sees a woman dumb her drink all over the bar he knows he has to meet here. What he wasn’t prepared for was the woman that would show him what it mean to meet the perfect woman.

Pierce is rich and commitment free. He usually looks for the one night stand and then kicks them out the minute the fun is over. But underneath all of that is a sweet and caring man. Jos is sassy and independent. She knows that she wants in bed and out and she isn’t willing to settle for a man that is not willing to woo her. Jos and Pierce’s relationship starts out as a one night stand what happens is so much more. I really liked the beginning of this novella series. Jos knows who she is and what she wants and she isn’t afraid to demand it. I am looking forward to reading more.

BOOK #2:

When we ended the first book Jos left a very cryptic note for Pierce to find her. I really liked that Jos wasn’t willing to give in so easy. She knew what she wanted and she was upfront about it. It was pretty funny watching poor Pierce fumble around trying to figure out the note. When he finally figured it out we got to see their relationship evolve from hot steamy sex to people who could easily fall in love with each other.

The book took place over several weeks were Jos continued to make him earn everything she gave him. We also got to see Luna and Corbin begin their sweet relationship. I liked that there was more to Jos than just her independent woman behavior. She really cared about Pierce and gave him a real shot.

BOOK #3:

Now this is where everything went downhill for me. It was like Elizabeth Lynx saved all of the depressing drama for this novella. The book starts off well enough. Pierce has confessed the depth of his feelings and Jos is still trying to figure out how she feels. After Pierce pulls away for a week she figures out why and everything seems to be back to normal. Until Pierce saves Jos from a really bad experience. My problem with the whole thing is that it felt like she blamed Pierce. She was afraid of him because of a look she saw in his eye when he punched (one time) her assaulter. Granted she was afraid of every man but after everything she learned about Pierce I didn’t like that she pushed him away in that manner.

This book was very much filled with drama. We didn’t really get much from them as a couple. To me it was a lot of drama for such a short installment in the series. The installment was as well written as the other installments but the flow didn’t seem to work either. This was a disappointing end to a great novella series. I do have to say that this series is definitely worth reading and if you love drama this is for you. Even if you don’t picking up the box set is worth the time to read it.

BOOK #4:

This novella is a special story that comes with the Him, Her, Them Box set. It takes place a year and a half after the ending of Becoming Them. It’s the story of Luna and Corbin. We finally get the conclusion to their love story. When the story opens Luna has already been gone for a month to take care of her sick father. Luna has come back for Jos and Pierce’s wedding. Corbin and Luna get one more night together before she leaves and they try to move on.

Corbin and Luna have both had a hard time moving on. The chapter where they see each other again was pretty sweet. The world pretty much stops for both of them. It was nice to see their story grow and become more. They have always had the more traditional and romantic story even if we didn’t really see much of them. I really fell in love with Corbin. I think I liked him even more than Pierce. Their story had a few bumps along the way but there is definitely an HEA and it was a great overall HEA for everyone in the story.

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