February 20, 2015

REVIEW: Bad Girls Do (Everly Brothers #3) By, Rosalie Lario

Bad girls have all the fun… 

Trying to fit in with expectations has left Diane Milstrom lonely and dateless for yet another New Year’s Eve. After being forced to witness her ex proposing to the woman he dumped her for, she has one too many drinks and makes an uncharacteristically impulsive decision: she’s not going to be good anymore. It’s gotten her nothing but heartache, and besides, everyone knows bad girls have all the fun. 

Sam Everly enjoys the lifestyle his family’s wealth provides, but he hates the trappings of society that come with it. If he has to attend one more family function full of bored socialites, he just might lose it. Diane Milstrom, his eldest brother’s ex-girlfriend, is the worst of the lot…or so he always thought. But when he overhears her making a Bad Girl To-Do list, he starts to wonder if maybe there’s more to her than meets the eye. Curiosity gets the better of him, and he volunteers to help her with some of the more…ahem, explicit items on her list. 

When Sam points out that being naughty with her ex’s brother is something only a bad girl would do, Diane can’t help but see his point. Besides, she could do worse than a little between-the-sheets action with a sexy guy who makes her heart beat in ways his brother never could. It’s only supposed to be a fling, a way to help her stretch her bad girl wings. But the more items they cross off her list, the higher the stakes become. Because if they aren’t careful, she just might fall in love…and that’s one thing a bad girl should never do. 

Author's Note: If you’re into sexy billionaires with a touch of Alpha, who love to talk dirty in the bedroom (and out of it), then this contemporary erotic romance series might be for you!

Diane Milstrom just witnessed her ex-boyfriend propose to his new girlfriend. The worst part is that he didn’t even realize she was there, watching. There was never a connection with Diane and Andrew but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt a little. Diane has always been the good girl. She strives to be proper, elegant, and in control so that she can finally be closer to her father. So far that has gotten her nowhere so now she is going bad. And after some convincing using Andrew’s little brother to do it seemed perfect. Diane was an interesting character. She didn’t really know her dad but she was doing everything she could to get closer to him and know him better. Her character might have been good but she can do bad as well as the worst of them.

Sam Everly has never really fit in with his high class family. He can work a party and the boardroom like the rest of them but he doesn’t enjoy it. He hates the parties and the stuck up people that come with them. When he first saw Diane he thought that she was one of those people. Until he heard her making a bad girl to-do list. Now all he can think about it helping her check things off of her list. Sam Everly has always gone against the grain. He is an artist while his family is in publishing. He spends his days painting and his nights drinking and sleeping around. He has a few fantasies of his own that he hasn’t found the right person to fill them. Sam also tends to be judgey when it comes to Diane and the way she used/does live her life. Overall he was a very sexy character with a dirty mouth.

While I enjoyed the writing and the characters, the story was a little hard for me to love. We don’t get to really know the characters, so it was hard for me to connect with them. As a reader we learn the bare minimum about each character. We don’t get much background on either of them. The book was steamy scene central. The author tends to gloss over their getting to know each other scenes and regular talking. Most of the scenes were spent on teaching Diane how to be a sexual bad girl. I love steamy scenes but I think they would have been better if we could connect with the characters in the story.

Overall I enjoyed the story. The characters were likeable and the writing was done well. I am seriously considering reading the other books. If you are looking for a short steamy read this one is for you.

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