February 27, 2015

REVIEW: Caught Up in You By, Colee Firman

Life has a way of shaping you into what it wants you to be, regardless of how much you fight it.

Brantley Prescott is damaged. Scarred by a past she can’t forget. Hiding secrets she’s terrified to share. Searching for a future she doesn’t believe she’ll ever find.

Myles Franco is alone. Burdened by mistakes he’ll never live down. Fostering a deep resentment for the opposite sex. Unleashing his wrath on any girl who gets too close.

Brantley has worked behind the bar long enough to recognize Myles for what he is—a douchebag player with nothing on his mind but keeping a steady stream of girls flowing through his bed. With his messy dark hair, sapphire blue eyes, rock-solid body, and endless tattoos he’s impossible to ignore. But that’s exactly what she plans on doing.

After just one run-in with Brantley, Myles is even more determined to stick to the rules he lives by. She’s mouthy, blunt, and doesn’t back down—no matter how hard he pushes her. She could turn out be the one temptation that drags him down the path he’s been trying to avoid. He won’t let that happen.

Both are content living behind the solid walls they’ve built around themselves. Neither is prepared for what happens when their lives collide.

Due to sexual content and graphic language - 17+ recommended.


I was not expecting how much I was going to love this book. I loved a romance story were the couple can barely stand each other in the beginning.  I love it when the heroine can go toe to toe with the hero. It makes me like her even more. Brantley is definitely a character that can stand up to her hero even though there are times where she is immensely vulnerable.

“I hardly knew her yet I felt like she needed me- even worse, I felt like I needed her.”

Brantley has had a hard life. She has been living with her aunt but it is time that she gets her own place and let her aunt live her life without her. Brantley is ready to prove that she can live life by herself and get by alone. She wants to be able to prove that she can do it. I loved Brantley’s character. While she has had a hard life she hasn’t let herself get bitter. While she only has a few friends she loves them fiercely. While some of her choices frustrate me I liked her character overall.

“I’d never been in love before or anything remotely like it. I knew the second I had her against the wall I was headed in that direction.”

Myles has his own mysterious past that has left him jaded and definitely bitter. He has locked himself in his house until he can get his passport back so that he can leave the country. He never knew what was coming when he saw his new neighbor. I really liked Myles’s character. He was complicated and irritable. He was definitely bitter and keeping women at an arm’s length. I love that he fell in love and Brantley never had to really fight for him or fight for his attention. Every time they fought he fell a little harder.

“From the first time you told me to fuck off I was all yours.”

The romance of this was amazing, heartbreaking, and completely frustrating. Brantley and Myles are neighbors and both of them have been through hard times. Brantley’s was so much more but both of them are trying to move on. When they meet the two immediately start fighting. Brantley doesn’t let Myles be a dick without giving it right back. There were just so many times that I was like “JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER”. There were communication issues and pride issues with these two. While Myles seriously messed up the first time, if Brantley put her pride aside and went after him they wouldn’t of had more problems.

“The sounds of the party filled the silence. Music, talking, and laughing was happening right around the corner. Then there was us- Brantley and me, clinging to each other as if our lives depended on it.”

I loved the story line. There were great side characters that you couldn’t help but love. The two main characters, while frustrating, were so great. They worked together and I loved both of their stories. The actual storyline was interesting. There was a little bit of mystery surrounding Brantley and her scares but I loved that it didn’t make her bitter. I really loved this book and I will definitely be picking up more from this author.

“When you called my name during the storm I knew my heart belonged to you. It was inevitable, unavoidable- inescapable. I tried to fight it but hell, you fucking owned me. Hell, you still do. How can you not see that?”

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