February 4, 2015

REVIEW: Reflection Pond (Reflection Pond #1) By, Kacey Vanderkarr

Sometimes you find home, sometimes it comes looking for you.

Callie knows a lot more about pain than she does about family. She’s never belonged, at least, not until she falls through a portal into her true home. The beautiful faerie city of Eirensae doesn’t come free. Callie must find her amulet and bind herself to the city, and most importantly, avoid the Fallen fae who seek her life. Seems like a small price to pay for the family she’s always wanted.

Then she meets cynical and gorgeous Rowan, who reads the darkness of her past in her eyes. He becomes Callie’s part-time protector and full-time pain in the ass. He has secrets of his own for Callie to unravel. What they don’t know is that the future of Eirensae lies with them, and the once peaceful city is about to become a battleground for power.

I have to say I have not read my books based on Fae. I have come across books with mentions or maybe a character that was Fae but not many that take place in a Fae world. I am really glad that I can add Reflection Pond to that very short list.

“Ash danced more carefully than Rowan, each step measured and planned, but dancing with Rowan was a lot like falling, and she thought that was the best part.”

Callie has never really had a family. Growing up in the foster care system she has gotten some of the worst homes, needless to say she doesn’t trust men or new people in general. When she falls through a pond and ends up in front of two men that think she belongs there. What she finds when enters the city she never would have guessed. She finds a home, a men who can be trusted, and a sister. She also finds more danger than she ever imagined. Callie was a character that was covered in mystery. We never really found out what happened to her in the past but we know it’s bad. Callie really can’t ever make up her mind either. She doesn’t want to trust people but she wants to find somewhere she belongs. I liked that she tried to learn how to take care of herself. She knew she was in danger and she didn’t want to just rely on Rowan or Ash.

“It was too unbelievable for her to wrap her head around it. Faeries, murder, magic. How the hell did she end up in the middle of it?”

Rowan wants to belong somewhere, he wants a home and deep down he knows it’s not here. He has been looking for his amulet for almost two years. His time is almost up and he doesn’t know where else to look. When the new girl shows up he doesn’t expect to feel anything other than hatred. But there is more and now he knows their lives are entwined and he’s ready to do anything to keep her safe. Rowan is a dark and surly character. The fae don’t treat him like a person and his past is just as dark as Callie’s. He was hard and intimidating but he was willing to do everything to keep her safe.

“The kiss leaping off of a five-story building. It was the sunset over the ocean on the longest day of the year. It was holding someone too tightly so they couldn’t let go.”

I thought that this story was full of interesting points. The world was kind of split like it was in divergent only you never had a choice to pick, your amulet showed up in the world you were from. There are a whole bunch of questions that this book leaves you with. I read this book in a day and I loved it. The one part that bothered me was the romance because there wasn’t any. You could see it from Rowan, he loved her or was falling and that’s fine. But Callie was a big question. It bothered me that she was willingly kissing Ash but she was afraid of Rowan. The person that protects her and takes care of her all the time. She really drives me nuts sometimes. I don’t think I would have been nearly as disappointed if I wasn’t lead to believe it was a romance story as well.

Other than that I thought the story was well written and it was a pretty interesting story. I would definitely read the next one.

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