July 23, 2014

Hope(less) Review


(Judgment of the Six Book #1)

Melissa Haag
2.5 Stars!

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Our world is being judged, and we remain unaware.

In a world filled with people, Gabby is uniquely alone. The tiny glowing sparks that fill her mind and represent the people around her, confirm it.

Clueless regarding the reason behind her sight, Gabby struggles to find an explanation. A chance encounter leads her closer to the answers she has struggled to find and into a hidden society where fur is optional. There she meets Clay, the intense werewolf delusional enough to think he has a chance with her.

Gabby escapes back into her old life, but not quite alone. Clay follows her and silently makes a place for himself in her world. As if that isn’t enough to deal with, problems compound when other werewolves, ones with abnormally colored sparks, begin to stalk her.

Instead of gaining answers, her list of questions is growing. What do the other uniquely colored sparks mean? Is she not as alone as she thought?

Judgment has begun...

This was a new paranormal romance book for me. I have just recently jumped on the shape shifter bandwagon. After all of the hype with Vampires I decided to try something new and this is where shape shifters and wolves come into play. I have been trying different paranormal books lately and this blurb caught my attention and held it. I don’t regret it either. This book was good and I am still considering reading the next books in the rest of the series.

The books definitely has potential. There were many good things about it. Like Gabby for example. She knew what she wanted from life. She has goals and ambitions that she wants to accomplish and she is not going to let her gift or someone who understands her gift to control her or plan her life for her. She has multiple opportunities to give in to the manipulation and things but she stays strong and goes to college anyway.

Another good thing about this book was the writing. Melissa was able to focus on Gabby’s everyday life without it becoming boring or repetitive. The story was put together well even though it didn’t have much action or plot twist. The writing for me saved this book.

One of the things I am iffy about is Clay. He comes off as a controlling psycho in the beginning. He freaking kidnaps her to try and get her to stay. It’s insane. And then he follows her to college to further control her. Yes he has some redeeming qualities and they actually get to build their relationship but he is still in iffy character for me.

Now the other characters that are in this book AKA Sam and Charlene are clearly psycho. They manipulate and lie to a sixteen year old so that they can control her. It is kind of ridiculous to read. Their characters actually bugged me the most. There was really no redeeming either of them. They try and do everything in their power to keep her in their werewolf world whether she wants to be a part of it or not. Sam doesn’t take in Gabby’s opinion and instead tries to force it on her while she lives in his house. There is no excuse for him.

I think I am going to give the series one more chance with the next book. The writing was interesting enough to keep me coming back to try again. 

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