July 5, 2014

Redeeming You Review

Redeeming You
(Before You Book #2)
Lisa Cardiff
4 Stars!!!

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After walking away from a controlling relationship, Taylor Reed is broke, homeless and unemployed. When her brother, Alec, the drummer for Chasing Ruin offers her a job working for Chasing Ruin for the final thirty days of the tour, Taylor jumps at the chance.

Unfortunately, that job entails keeping Cam Donovan, Chasing Ruin’s lead guitarist, out of trouble for the remainder of the tour, but Taylor isn’t worried. She’s smart enough to keep her distance and there’s no way she’ll let herself be another notch on his bedpost.

Cam Donovan’s life hasn’t been the same since he ruined his chances with Bre, his childhood sweetheart. With regrets eating at his soul, he fills his life with meaningless one-night stands blurred by alcohol and drugs until Chasing Ruin threatens to kick him out of the band.

When Taylor joins Chasing Ruin on tour, he’ll do anything to avoid the mutual attraction simmering between them. He can’t afford another the distraction. But as the lines blur, and the days turn into weeks, Cam and Taylor realize their feelings for each other might be too hard to ignore.

My Thoughts….

“As her lips parted, she realized that she had never really been kissed before, not like this, where her body caught on fire with every passing second and the world narrowed to the two of them. Life shouldn’t deprive anyone of this feeling of absolute connection and perfection. A kiss like this should be on every bucket list.”

This is my first book in this series. I have not read the first one but I am kinda of glad that I started with this one instead of reading them in order. This was a great stand-alone novel but I have to go back and read the rest of the books in the series. I am sure they will all be just as great as this one.

Taylor has a reputation for a being an ice queen. She is stand-offish and can be quite the bitch. She doesn’t deal with nonsense and she doesn’t want to get stuck with a rock star with alcohol and woman problems. Right now there is nothings he can do. She needs a job, she needs money, and the only way to get those things without them being a hand out is to babysit the bad boy of Chasing Ruin. I really liked Taylor’s character. She didn’t take anyone’s shit. She knew what she wanted in life and how she wanted to get it. Taylor was determind to not be a charity case and she was able to swallow her pride long enough to take a job from her brother.

Cam is the reason I was glad I started with this book. I have a feeling he was a complete ass in the first one. He was in the beginning of this one but if I had to see him through Bre’s eyes first I don’t know if I would have been able to look past it long enough to give this book a try. Which I am so glad I did. Cam is so great. He clearly has bad coping skills but once he puts his mind into changing he really does. He even started before he consciously made the decision. If you like the rock star bad boy book boyfriends Cam is definitely the guy for you. His character did a lot of growing in this book and he became the sweet guy we all knew he could be.

“Cam made love like he played his guitar- passionately, creatively and with swoon worthy attention.”

The writing in this book flowed really well. There were no awkward WTF places and it definitely kept you entertained.

Two people, who have deep scars, have to learn to get past them to find the forever type of love they both are so desperately looking for.

Can Taylor keep Cam from destroying the band without falling in love herself? Can Cam thaw Taylor out while getting over the girl he thinks he should have been spending his forever with?

Read and find out! 

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