July 24, 2014

Nothing Compares to You Review

Nothing Compares to You

(Pine Lake Book #2)
Tiffany Marie
4.5 Stars!!!

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Mitch loves everything about his job as a photojournalist––the excitement, the money, the notoriety––which is why he has no plans for a lengthy stay in his childhood hometown of Pine Lake. But when he meets enigmatic single mother Natalie, he can’t help his attraction, or his overwhelming desire to pursue her.

The last few years have taught Natalie she’s stronger than she ever thought. She was strong enough to leave her abusive ex-husband, strong enough to endure a year in a women’s shelter, and strong enough to begin rebuilding her life with her young son. She’s going to make sure she’s also strong enough to avoid future heartbreak, which means not getting close to anyone––especially not someone like Mitch, who doesn’t plan on staying in town for more than a few months. Yet the more time Natalie spends with Mitch, the more her resolve crumbles.

As their tentative friendship develops into a passionate romance, both Mitch and Natalie realize they’re in deeper than they ever intended. When an exciting new job assignment sends Mitch halfway around the world, Natalie is left with the realization that she let the wrong man in once again. And Mitch realizes giving Natalie up for his career was the biggest mistake of his life—and one he might not be able to fix.

“Probably because-now that he’d come to his senses-he realized Natalie was the woman he’d been waiting for his whole life. It had just taken him a while to get his head out of his ass and realize it.”

This book was really great. Mitch is traveling the world doing his dream job. Photojournalism. He takes pictures of pretty important events and doesn’t plan on staying home for long. He only comes home to see his mother but the minute he gets the itch to leave he is gone with no looking back. He hasn’t had a reason to stop. He doesn’t want a family and a quiet life in a small town. Natalie has been in an abusive relationship until she gets the courage to leave him. She moves to a small town and tries to get settled. She is having money problems but anything is better than were she and Sammy were before. She doesn’t want another male in Sammy life that can disappoint him. That means Mitch is off limits because he is not sticking around. That doesn’t stop the chemistry that is undeniable between them.

“What he ended up wearing looks good. You too. I like your jeans.” Which was guy-speak for, Your ass looks great in those jeans.”

Mitch was a little annoying in this book. He really thought pretty highly of himself. He had a huge ego that I could swear was coming through the book and suffocating me. He looked down on anyone that wasn’t him. He has done some amazing stuff but sometimes he was just a huge ass about it.

Other than that he was pretty amazing. He was being totally sweet without even thinking about it. Mitch was pretty adamant through the book that he didn’t want a family but he couldn’t fool us. He was sweet an caring to not only Natalie but Sammy as well. He was understanding and didn’t let Natalie treat herself the way her ex had for years. He was a great guy even though his ego never really got the hit that it needed LOL. Plus he kept a stack of cash in his mother’s backyard. I mean for someone who is winning The Pulitzer and says he has a good amount of cash this just doesn’t make sense to me. I MEAN WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?!?!

“Natalie picked her stapler back up and briefly considered stapling her lips together so no other awkward comments could slip out.”

Natalie was such a strong character in this book. She was able to do what a lot of woman are not able to do in an abusive relationship. She realized she needed to get out and she did. She even got evidence even if she didn’t use it. She was smart and did what she needed to for her and her son. She spends most of the book trying to keep Mitch at arm’s length because his job is going to make him leave. He has said multiple times he doesn’t plan on staying. She falls for him anyway. She was shy and reserved but she has her moments where her strength and humor comes out. Those moments prevent her from looking weak and small. Even when Mitch and Natalie go through their hiccups she is strong. She doesn’t let a man break her again. She is also a great mom!

“You can pee in my sink, Natalie wanted to tell him.”

I always feel as if the side characters can make or break a contemporary romance. Not all of the time but more often than not. The side relationships and characters added things to this book that just made it so much better. Watching Natalie and Samantha together was great. Samantha was a bit pushy and annoying but she was also able to give Natalie what she needed to come out of her shell and start living again. Mitch and Becca’s relationship was so freaking awesome. They were definitely frenemies. The scenes that they had together made me sometimes dislike Mitch more and at the same time made me like him more. Becca was able to get Mitch to look at life in a new way. The steamy scenes were just that steamy. The one with the camera and the wall. My god. It was hot. Tiffany can definitely write a great sex scene!

The only real complaint I have is the end. The end with Mitch’s epiphany and everything felt a bit rushed to me. The book took so long to get there that the end just felt like a snap of my fingers. Mitch didn’t even have to grovel that much. I mean yes she loves him and everything but a little more groveling and expressing feelings was needed I think. Other than that the book was great and I hope the next one is Becca. But either way I think I will be picking the next one up.

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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful review! And you'll be happy to hear Becca's story is next. :)