July 7, 2015

REVIEW: His Millionaire Maid By, Coleen Kwan

His new hire has a secret...

As far as Nina Beaumont is concerned, money ruins everything. Leave it to her wealthy family to screw up her professional life and her personal life. When she crashes and her car sinks, sending her identification and all her belongings spiraling into the watery abyss, Nina sees her chance to escape.

And stumbles into a job with the hottest man she’s ever met…as his maid.

Between running an inn, caring for his grandmother, and trying to keep the dirty-dealing Beaumont Corporation from stealing his land, Joe Farina's plate is full. He doesn't have time for romantic entanglements—especially not with the suspiciously bad maid he just hired, no matter how much he needs her…both in and out of his bed.

Screwing with her life is one thing, but Nina’s not about to let her family screw with Joe. That is, if she doesn’t lose him when he finds out who she really is.

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His Millionaire Maid is a cute read by Coleen Kwan. It brings together two different people who come from and live through circumstances you really wouldn’t expect or really think of. The writing was done well and the characters were interesting. This novel rode the middle ground for me. There isn’t much for me to say good or bad about it. I wasn’t overwhelmed with how much I loved it, but I also wasn’t underwhelmed with the story either. It is definitely a book that you can pick up and enjoy.

When the story tells you that Joe’s life is hectic it isn’t lying. Joe seems to be the go-to-guy for everyone around him. He has a lot on his plate and adding a relationship is not something he is interested in. Joe is more likely to run away from a potential relationship then try and make it work. When his new maid shows up late, a complete mess, and doesn’t seem to know how to be a maid he doesn’t know why he is intrigued or why he wants to keep her around.

I really thought that Nina was going to be the typical spoiled little rich girl and she was in the beginning. I stuck through the beginning because of Joe and Nina’s hilarious moments. I am glad that I did. She knows how she is acting and definitely tries to change it. Nina is ready to make her own way through life whether her family wants her to or not. When her car sinks with all of her identification she looks for work in a close B&B and there she meets Joe and is instantly intrigued.

The two characters are definitely not love at first sight and it might not even be like. It is complete interest and lust that grows. They but head and fight through a lot of this book but it definitely adds to their relationship and the story. There is definitely tension underneath it all just waiting to boil over. If you’re looking for a good, fun, and easy romance give this book a shot. It’s not intense with the tension but it is well written and great or a short escape!

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