September 19, 2014

BOOK BLITZ: Open Thy Heart By, Jessica L. Brooks

Open Thy Heart

Open Thy Heart Synopsis:

It’s summer in Shaver and, frankly, Dahlia Kennedy is bored. Even though she and Eva are throwing a party for David and she gets to visit Rowan in Ambrosia easier on account of summer hours, it seems like senior year is never going to come. Worse yet, it’s looking like the one thing she’s planned on doing for forever isn’t going to happen.

Cue Dahlia’s Embarrassing Incident: the tipping point that seems to shift everything into a new direction. David’s acting weird. Something happens to Rowan. Dahlia’s forced to ask the least likely person ever for help. A secret is blown wide open. Conflict between the Lennox Rochforts and the Townsends grows more and more out of control until so much is going on in Ambrosia,

Dahlia can barely keep up with life at home. Frustrated with trying to keep track of who knows what, Dahlia continues fighting to help the people she loves, and slowly, the truth is exposed. Crazy thing is, she had no idea about any of it.

And it changes everything she’s ever known.

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Rowan curls his arm around my waist, turns us to where our backs are to everyone, and lowers his voice. “They are trying to bait me. To make me angry enough that I come at them on my own.”

“But that would be stupid!” It dawns on me. I’ve been around Rowan long enough to know how unhappy he must be about the Blythe-called security thing. He likes going where he wants when he wants, and doesn’t want anyone taking away that freedom. “Reade and Durian are smart. If they’ve been stuck at Amherst with the Townsends, I can’t imagine them not finding a way to warn you before you went riding.” He regards me, his pupils growing larger for a moment before going back to normal, and I know. “But they did, didn’t they? They warned you and you wouldn’t let them tell you that you couldn’t leave Lennox.”

“They could not tell me not to see you.”

“That’s what they said?”

“In so many words.” He presses his thumb to my lips. “They know better than to tell me to stay here. But they do not think anyone outside of here should be involved. Reade overheard my uncle and Pyrus. Apparently, Hawthorne held back when Oleander was sick, and did not fully explain things. Now that my uncle is healthy again, Hawthorne has given him the details. He is in a rage, Dahlia. He knows who you are, how we feel about each other. He is convinced you are a threat to the throne.”

“But it’s not like I’m going to show up and become Queen and take over the throne.”

“Not yet, no.”

He says it nonchalantly; like it’s something we’ve talked about before. I tilt my head, amused. “What are you trying to say?”

“I am saying he wants to stop us.”

“Us, as a whole? Ambrosians? Us, as in Royals?”

“As in… Us as in potential leaders. Us if you choose to be forever mine and choose Ambrosia as your home.”

I shift positions to get a good look at him. “And you bring this up now. When I’m guessing you’re going to ask me to be gone for who knows how long?”

“If I speak true, Dahlia?” He cups both hands behind my neck.


“You were the keyholder. Not that there is any room to question after that, but our conversation at the cliff confirmed our feelings, yes? You love me, Dahlia. And I love and honor you. You want me to tell you everything about Ambrosia, and I will do everything within my power to. Which means there is only one other logical step. And it most certainly does not involve you staying in Shaver.”

“And you’re ready for that?” I ask. “Because it wasn’t too long ago that you were adamant I not make that choice. Remember?”

“The light you bring is something I am no longer willing to live without.” He shrugs. “I am bound when you are gone, but when you are with me, I am free.”

“Our connection?”

“Perhaps. Partly.” I roll up to my toes and kiss his lips gently. “But mostly, it is you. Do you know how I know?”

I know how I know. But I want to know how he feels it. I shake my head.

He takes my hand and places it on his chest, a fingertip’s width below his wound. “Because I feel it here. Darkness pulls at me. There is a pressure here that dissipates when you are with me. I can breathe.”

Jessica L Brooks Bio:

Jessica BrooksJessica L. Brooks is a lover of books, coffee, and all things owl-dorable. She writes young adult books about near-future dystopia (Pity Isn't An Option, Cozenage #1, available now) and magical realism (the Flora series); and loves to serve virtual cookies. Connect with her on her blog, Let Me Tell You A Story, Tumblr, or anywhere else on the interwebs by doing a search for her username: coffeelvnmom.

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