September 7, 2014

Scorned Review


(From the Inside Out Part 1)

S.L. Scott

5 Stars!

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We shared a love that regulated every heartbeat and every breath we took. It was all encompassing. I thought our love could withstand time and anything thrown our way. 

I was wrong. So wrong.

I used to be happy. I used to be Juliette Weston when Dylan Somers filled my life with promises of love and a happy ever after. But when he took my heart and broke it into a million pieces, I became someone else entirely. In one afternoon, I lost my soul mate. I lost everything I knew myself to be. 

Three years later, the man who destroyed me is back. 

To assuage his guilt? To finish the job? It doesn’t matter… I won’t let him this time. I’m stronger. I’ve moved on. He won’t affect me. 

This is a story of love and betrayal. Pain and loss. Happiness and fate. It’s about finding your true destiny.

This is our story.

And it’s not for the faint of heart.

“In times like these I realize how much effort I put into pretending to be normal.”

This story is many things. Irresistible, sexy, intense, and heartbreaking being some of those things. This is my first S.L. Scott read I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I am not going to lie. Going into this knowing that it focused around a love triangle I was skeptical. I am not a fan. It has always been unnecessary drama to me. But when I started to read this serial I quickly learned that it was about more than a love triangle. It’s about a woman that has had her entire world ripped out from under her. It’s about her learning how to move on and create a new future. It’s about love, destiny, heartbreak, fate, and betrayal.

Juliette Weston has been scorned. She has spent years with the person she thought was the love of her life. In the last couple months everything started to change. Dylan started to change. He said things that can’t be taken back. And then he leaves her. Takes everything in their apartment except her clothes and god damn coffee maker. Everything, the empty apartment and the heartbreak, was too much for Juliette. She had a breakdown and now three years later she still can’t forget him but she is stronger. She has made a life for herself.

Then he comes back.

“I’m losing him. I’m losing my heart. I’m losing my other half. My soul. Everything that 


Three years ago Dylan Somers walked out on the love of his life. He thought that there was more for him out there. That Juliette couldn’t give him everything he needed. He was wrong. Three years ago Dylan left without a word and he hasn’t looked back until he saw Juliette in a coffee shop. If he isn’t lying to himself he has thought about her every day since the breakup. He was wrong to leave and now he has to see her again.

Juliette had built walls around her after what Dylan did to her. Not only did she avoid any emotion she was completely numb to it. Until she saw Dylan again. The anger and hate bubbled up until it spilled over. There was so much anger but that wasn’t the only emotion. She wasn’t expecting to see the man she fell in love with. She thought he was gone forever but when Dylan shows back up that man is there as well. Seeing the person she fell in love with in College started to break down her walls. Brick by brick until she started to see and feel the world again.

Every time Jules and Dylan are in the same scene the book becomes charged. There are so many emotions running between the two of them I can’t put the book down. The anger, hate, regret, and love seems to come right off the page. There is no denying that even after three years these characters still have something. What that something is I’m not sure yet. Juliette was an amazing character. She was a perfect blend of strength and vulnerability…hardness and softness. Dylan now I’m not sure how much I like him right now. His reasons for leaving are a little iffy to me. He was young and stupid and I can’t wait to read more and see if he grew up.

“Maybe he can heal me.

Maybe that’s why we seem to work right now.

Maybe he needs me just as much.

Maybe he’s broken on the inside too.”

After Dylan broke down her walls fate throws someone in her path. Austin Barker. He is a wealthy business man that has always had an interest in Jules. He buys art from her gallery frequently. But now that Dylan has broken down her walls she sees Austin as the sweet, sincere, and caring man that he is. Everything that Juliette wants and needs. Someone to appreciate her. Love her. She sees a second chance at happiness with Austin.

The interaction between Jules and the two men is interesting. I have some theories and ideas about what is going to happen but I’m not sure yet. I don’t know if I want to forgive Dylan but I also don’t think that Jules can love Austin like she loves Dylan. Yes loves. I don’t care if she says loved. I don’t believe it. I can’t wait until Part 2. Hopefully we see more Jules and Dylan. I am desperate for them to at least get closure even if they don’t end up together.

“This is nice.

This is easy.

Easy is good.

…And then I think of Dylan.”

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