September 22, 2014

BOOK BLITZ: Stand of Redemption By, Cathryn Williams


Stand Series #2

Cathryn Williams

Released Aug 25th, 2014

Young Ink Press

I’m Nicholas Brooks.

Everyone thinks I’m a nice guy, a local fighter who plays by the rules. 

I’m not. 

I killed someone when I was sixteen. 

The women love me, but I use them. 

All except Ria. 

However, to have her, I’ll have to fight for her. 

The pit isn’t for wimps, either. No rules—get the KO. 

To earn redemption, there is always a price. 

Even if I win, I lose. Because Ria just might be the price I pay.

Now, she tried to look at him without drawing his attention.

He was sitting in a booth across from a blond. He was wearing a sling. She assumed it would be coming off in the next couple of weeks. She wondered how long it would be before he could start fighting again.

“How bad was the break?” she asked Lacey.

“It was clean. I think the doctor said he’d be in a cast for four weeks, and then the sling until it healed. Dr. Hilliard said he should take at least three months before trying to fight again, but he also said he wants to check it before he starts training.

“Have you thought about approaching him and apologizing? Maybe he would be willing to help you get your job back.” Lacey looked at her inquisitively.

“I would rather wait tables than apologize to that jerk,” Ria responded with a frown.

“Okay, but I think you’re making a mistake. Of course, I didn’t realize you were enjoying your new job so much,” Lacey retorted.

“I’m not.” Ria felt her temper rising as she thought of him getting her fired just because of her rejecting him. “I’m not, but I’m sure as hell not going to ask him for a favor, either. He should be apologizing to me!”

“Are you kidding me? You know jocks don’t like to be rejected. You could have handled the situation differently.” Ria saw the fire in Lacey’s eyes again. It was clear that her reasoning didn’t explain her poor behavior in her eyes. Lacey would never understand. When she looked at men, her cold gaze intimated them, while they felt they had free rein to slide suggestive comments Ria’s way.

“You’re the one that told me to stand up for myself more!” Ria fired back.

“I meant when we were in a bar and a jerk wouldn’t take his hand off your ass, not when you were on duty.” Lacey sighed. “Ria, he was probably just trying to flirt with you. Men like him think that, because they’re local celebrities, no one will turn them down.”

Men who looked like that didn’t usually look at women like her for anything other than fun and games. She had thought he was attractive until he had opened his mouth. If he could treat a stranger with such ruthless disregard, then how would he treat someone he was in a relationship with? Ria felt sorry for the pretty blond.

Cathryn Williams is the oldest and only female in a family of four children.  While born on the east coast, she has lived all over the country.  Her father’s job as an engineer caused the family to move throughout her entire youth.  She has spent time in Texas, Idaho, and Nevada before moving back to the eastern part of the country as an adult.

It was during these early years that her love of literature began, starting with Nancy Drew and growing with the Sweet Valley High series stories.  This passion grew with each book and has caused her to transition into writing her own stories.  Cathryn’s inspiration stems from a diverse childhood, loving family, and oversized lapdog Scarlet.  When not giving life to her characters, she enjoys traveling, marathoning TV shows, and spending time with her family.

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