September 26, 2014

REVIEW: Roman Reunion (Destination: Desire Book 3) By, Crystal Jordan

Karen Patton s life is falling apart. She signed divorce papers, quit her job, and moved back to her hometown into an apartment that couldn't feel less like home. With two weeks of free time before she starts work at the Half Moon Bay Public Library, she s crawling the walls, trying desperately not to miss the man who chose his career over her.

When an old college friend invites her to Italy for an impromptu wedding, she jumps at the chance to focus on something other than her own misery.

Tate Patton is doing his best to ignore the divorce papers that just landed on his desk. A rational, reasonable man would sign and be done with it. Instead, he seizes upon a wedding invitation to do something completely impetuous ignore the papers and fly to Rome.

When they lay eyes on each other, the sparks fly as hot as the first time they met. Maybe the more mature versions of themselves can fix what s broken. Their love is too strong not to try

Warning: Contains intoxicated one-night stands with an almost-ex-husband (which may or may not result in an accidental baby), and sneaking around to hide naughty goings-on from friends. It s not "technically" illicit, but delicious fun all the same!"

This is the first book in this series that I have read. The Story is about Karen Patton as she tries to move on once her divorce papers have been sent off to her almost ex-husband. To get away she spontaneously flies to Rome for her friend’s wedding. Little does she know the one person she is trying to escape will be there as well. Tate Patton has always put his work before everything else in his life. And that mistake has cost him his wife. The only person that mattered. After getting the divorce papers he picks up and flies to Rome, only to come face to face with the one person he was trying to forget.

When I picked this book up I didn’t realize it was going to be a novella type book. It was a quick read that had a whole lot of emotion running through it. Karen is trying to live with having to let go of the love of her life because he had changed. She was a strong person to realize that Tate is not the person she fell in love with and had the strength to leave him. She is going through many changes and one of them being Tate turning back into the person she loved.

Tate goes through his own changes in this book. He realizes him mistakes and he tries to win his wife back. He doesn’t make excuses he just tries to fix the damage that he caused.

The story was well written and the character developed well I just think that the story line was too much for a book that was 170 pages. Some parts of the book felt really rushed to me. I think I would have enjoyed the book even more if the story had been longer. If you like second chance romances this would be a great book for you.

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