April 10, 2015

BOOK BLITZ: Erasing Faith By, Julie Johnson

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Erasing Faith
Publication Date: 3 December 2014

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"You can’t erase your soulmate. The marks they leave are etched in permanent ink."


Weston Abbott is a ghost.

I like it that way. Floating from place to place, I slip seamlessly into other people’s lives and destroy them from the inside out. I’m untouchable. Untraceable. Until her.

She’s in my head, under my skin. I can’t shake her — I don’t want to shake her. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. And I’m her worst nightmare, come out to play.


Faith Morrissey is dead.

I killed her. Well, that’s what it feels like. For three years, I’ve lived as “Fae Montgomery” in a city of strangers, licking my wounds and trying to forget. It’s pointless. No matter how many times I change my name or vanish around unfamiliar street corners, I’ll never stop seeing that foolish, naive girl whenever I look in the mirror.

I know it wasn’t real — that he wasn’t real — but that doesn’t make it any easier. I can erase myself.

I can never erase him.

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