April 22, 2015

REVIEW: Only For Us (Only #3) By, Cristin Harber

The third installment of the Only series. Must be read in order.

Grayson and Emma. First love. True love. And... they have a daughter. Abandonment is his curse. He left his woman, survived his team, and missed the moment most precious to a father. Until now.

"I didn't know you were killing yourself with work. I didn't know you're raising our daughter. So help me God, had I known, there is no military force on earth that would've kept me from you."

Love needs to heal all, or they won't survive the collision of their separate lives. Emma must reach deep into her heart that is barely hanging on and find forgiveness. Grayson, wrecked with PTSD-filled nightmares, must prove that he's here to stay and able to rebuild his family against all odds.

"I need to say I love you. But what I mean is I love you--in a way that defies definition and exists only in a world that you and I are in."

Only for Us is the third installment in the Only series. All novellas will release Spring 2015. 


This is the third installment in Cristin Harber’s Only series. Only For Us starts exactly where Only For Her left us. If you haven’t read the first two novellas I would recommend avoiding this review, until you have read them. There won’t be spoilers for this installment but there will be some for the first two installments.

Gray and Emma are back to the place they always hoped they would be, together. It’s hasn’t been smooth sailing and it definitely won’t get any easier anytime soon. Gray has learned that everything he wanted for Emma never happened. He left to give her the life he thought she deserved, and now he has to deal with the guilt of leaving her a single mother. Gray still has a few secrets to learn that could push him right over the edge.

I am absolutely loving this series. While I don’t really enjoy serialized novellas, this is Cristin Harber we are talking about, and I am totally absorbed in the couple. Cristin has brought together a couple that you can’t help but love, even with all of their mistakes. You can’t help but want Gray and Emma to have the world and the perfect family they deserve.

The writing is just as steamy and flawless as in any of her full length Titan books. And the best part is we get a glimpse into the men of the Titan group. I have read most of the Titan series but I haven’t started the Delta team so I will definitely be picking that up. The ending of this book leading you into something that is going to be heart stopping. The one secret that still seems to be between them is going to be discovered and it could lead to trouble for both of them.

I have some suspicions about what is going to happen and I can’t wait to get my hands on the final installment in this series!

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