April 15, 2015

REVIEW: Love so Irresistible (The Lawson Brothers #3) By, Marquita Valentine.

All former Navy SEAL Mason Lawson craves is solitude. Unfortunately, his new neighbor won’t allow him the peace he so desperately needs. Between the traffic and the music, Mason is constantly on edge—not exactly what the doctor ordered for someone recovering from a bullet to the leg. However, when he finally has enough and confronts his neighbor, nothing can prepare him for how hot he’d get for the teacher next door.

Piano teacher, Skylar Jernigan, loves everything about the town of Jessamine—from the quaint Main Street shops to the people who own them. Unfortunately, once she’s chewed up and spit out by her sexy neighbor, Skylar begins to question her decision to move to a new town. Until, that is, she learns he’s suffering from a war wound and refuses to have anything to do with his family.

Now, Skylar is determined to help Mason recover—mentally, physically and socially—until he turns the tables and sets out to seduce Skylar right out of her meddling ways. Only seduction turns into something more and soon, Mason can’t stop looking for excuses to be with her. But when the Navy wants Mason to reenlist for a dangerous mission, will Skylar be too irresistible for him to leave?


Normally stand-alone novellas are not my thing. They don’t give me the story and character depth that I would get in a full-length novel. There are very few authors that can write novellas and do the story justice, Marquita Valentine is one of those authors. The Lawson brother’s series is probably one of my favorites. I have fallen in love with each brother and this brother is probably my favorite.

Mason is a grumpy former Navy SEAL that has been suffering from wounds and PTSD. He has pushed everyone away, only letting them come by when he has no other choice. I loved Mason. He was grumpy and surly to everyone including Skylar. He grows and learns to live with his memories and learns to live even though his SEAL brothers have died. Mason is able to pull you into his mind and make you fall in love with him. Skylar made a very big decision to teach instead of going for a famous career in music, one that shocked everyone. Now she is trying to put down roots in this small town only she didn’t count on her surly angry neighbor. Skylar was the perfect fit for Mason. She was understanding and patient while also having a fiery temper that can match Mason. Skylar seems to be everything Mason needs and it was beautiful to watch them fall in love.

I fell in love with the Lawson brothers in the first novella and Mason cemented my love for them. The writing was perfect and the story flowed well. There was enough in the novella that I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. The epilogue gave us that little something that gave the story a little something more. While I loved Mason the next book is the one I have been waiting for and I can’t wait for it to come out!

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