April 8, 2015

REVIEW: Predestined Hearts By, Kelly Elliott and Kristin Mayer

This is a CONTEMPORARY NOVEL with pieces of a historical story weaved through out

Love has existed since the beginning of time. For Ashlin Thomas, love was an illusion that she desperately wanted to make a reality.

Returning home to Savannah, after her aunt’s death, Ashlin must deal with the harsh realities life has dealt her.

As Ashlin begins sorting through her aunt’s personal effects, she stumbles upon a journal. Not just any journal, but the words of her great great great grandmother, Sophia.

Two love stories intertwine with each other as Ashlin reads the beautiful words, written over a hundred years ago.

The intense connection Ashlin feels with Sophia begins to allow her to find herself. Never thinking love was possible for her, Ashlin now sees it is within her grasp.

But, life is never perfect. Life is never fair.

When faced with the decision that could change Ashlin’s future … will she sacrifice one love for another, or will her predestined heart lead her home?


I knew this book was going to be different. I am a big fan of Kelly Elliott, so when I read this synopsis I knew I had to pick it up. I haven’t read anything from Kristin Mayer but now I definitely want to. This was book was definitely different, we got two stories for the price of one and we got two different romance genres. Once you opened up this book it immediately blows your mind. There was so much to like about this book I hope we get more.

“Now, I was completely alone. Part of me was devastated. Part of me was terrified. Part of me was liberated.”

Let’s talk about the heroines in this book. They are two completely different people, while having some of the more important parts the same. Sophia is years in the past. Ashlin is discovering her story page by page from a journal she found in her aunt’s house. Sophia is brave and willing to go after the things she wants. Sophia has a lot of pressure from her mother to marry someone rich and she decides that love is more important than what her family wants. Ashlin is the opposite she second guesses everything and doesn’t know if she can give everything for the love that she wants. Ashlin was actually someone that frustrated me. She was cheating Gael because she wouldn’t give everything to Gael. She kept flip flopping and it wasn’t something that I liked. She blames her past, which don’t get me wrong was messy and sad, but it really wasn’t something that I felt should have crippled her as much as it did in the beginning. She grew on me eventually but she wasn’t my favorite like Sophia was.

“I know we have not known each other for long, but I’ve lost my heart to you, Sophia. It is forever lost to you and only you.”

Gael and Danny. There is no way to choose which one is better than the other. They are both completely swoon worthy and sexy as hell. Danny was completely taken with Sophia from the minute that he saw her. He treated her like a princess from the very beginning. I was totally rooting for him the entire time and I loved getting lost in their stunning romance. Gael was a hot restaurant owner. He also saw Ashlin for the first time and knew there was something special with her. He took his time and went at a pace that would make sure he got the girl in the end. Both men knew what their women needed and did everything they could to make and keep them happy.

“I smiled back and knew in that very moment I would love him until I took my last breath.”

Other than what I have already wrote I really don’t want to give anymore away. This is definitely a story that you should go into knowing as little as possible. Knowing that Kelly Elliott and Kristin Mayer wrote it should be enough. This story is one that needs to be experienced for yourself without any previous judgements. All you need to know is this. The story was well written and completely emotional. The story is about love, loss, and learning how to move on and be happy. Every single page was another notch on the emotional rollercoaster that this story took me on. I was hooked from the very first chapter and it wouldn’t let me go until the last page was turned.

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