February 6, 2015

REVIEW: Forbidden (Under the Skin #2) By, Charlotte Stein

They say I need help. Another exorcism. This is not new. This is my life. Today, I expect to suffer at the hands of a man as warped by superstition and fear as my mother. A man who will torture me in order to save me from things that don’t exist.

But the man who actually comes to me is different.

Killian is good and decent and he sees what’s good and decent in me. And I don’t mean for it to happen, but every time he looks at me his gaze sets me on fire. He brings me to the light, gives me back my life. For the first time, I see a future for myself. A future with him.

I burn for Killian - a man who’s intent on protecting me. On healing me. He doesn’t get it. The only thing that can heal me is him. But Killian will soon be a priest. Untouchable. Forbidden.

How can I ask a man to choose between me…and God? 

Killian is a young soon-to-be pastor. He only has a few months to go when he hears of a woman needing an exorcism for her daughter. When he gets there he sees that the woman is crazy and doing barbaric things to her daughter. He frees her from the home, takes her to the hospital, and then decides to take her back to Boston with him. What he doesn’t expect are the feelings that comes along with it.

Dot is a prisoner. She is twenty years old and living with her religiously fanatic mom. She has had multiple pastors come and try and rid her of the demon her mom is convinced is there. When the next one comes she doesn’t expect him to be so young or nice. When he saves her she knows it’s a new beginning for her. She can’t help the sinful thoughts she has about him but if she keeps them to herself everything will be fine.
This book is about a road trip filled with tension and a forbidden romance. Dot is na├»ve and innocent when it comes to the outside world but deep down she knows that what she feels for Killian is more than left over hero worship. The plot and romance were definitely unique. I haven’t really read anything like it, which made me enjoy it that much more. This book was definitely interesting. I think that it was missing Killian’s POV. There would have been more of the forbidden romance feel if we could watch him work through his own doubts and feelings. The book was well written and the pace was done well. If you are a fan of Charlotte Stein I would definitely pick this one up.

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