February 21, 2015

REVIEW: Ember (Eagle Elite #5) By, Rachel Van Dyken

I am a Killer.
A Rapist.
A Monster.
I know only pain and survival. 
That is until the Cappo's sister walked into my life. 
And changed everything.

She's a light who makes my darkness darker, her smile makes my heart turn to ice, and I can't escape the fear her seductive looks instill--knowing it's only a matter of time before I fail--again, and take her for myself.

This is the story of my redemption.

But it's not pretty...I died, and now I'm alive, but not living, breathing but not surviving. I am Phoenix De Lange, son to a murdered mob boss, estranged brother, horrible friend, monster in the making, newest leader to one of the most powerful families in the Cosa Nostra.

And I will have my vengeance.

Or die trying.

I am Phoenix De Lange.

Death is all I know.

Until she offers me a piece of life--I can't resist taking.

I am really going to try and not go on and on about this book and how great this series really is, because if you are reading this book then you should have already read the first four books. And if you have then you already know how great this series and all of the characters are. You know how complex and heartbreaking each character can be. You have also been waiting for Phoenix to get his redemption and I think he might have just done it.

“It was getting harder and harder to ignore her warmth- when I lived in a constant state of near-death cold.”

Phoenix’s role was cast a long time ago. He was destined to be the monster, the villain his father mad him into. Now he just going through the motions. Living his life in a way that keeps everyone around him safe. So that the monster that is in him doesn’t get set free. When Bee stays in the same house he tries to fight the warmth, the urge to live and learn what love really means. Understandable right? A monster doesn’t deserve to feel anything.

“And nobody wanted the monster to get the girl- that wasn’t how stories were told, that was not how happy endings were found.”

Phoenix, oh Phoenix. All of the characters that Rachel Van Dyken creates are broken and carry a heavy load. There is always something about them you don’t see, notice, or learn until their book comes along. I have been building this book and Phoenix’s character up in my head ever since I found he was going to have a book. Even while he was portrayed as a monster there was always something more to him. At first I was worried, I mean how was Rachel going to redeem Phoenix and I think she had with every book after the first one. Little by little Phoenix was stealing my heart and he took it completely with this book. He was great. His character was heartbreaking and broken but his journey was beautiful.

“People have it wrong. When you lose someone, when they die, it hurts. It’s horrible, don’t get me wrong. But the type of pain that stays with you? That never alleviates, that never lessons with time? It’s the kind that continues to refresh every single time you see a trigger or reminder of it.”

Bee has been locked away for most of her life. She has been passed around between family members for most of her life, never having a real friend. Until Phoenix comes and protects her from her father. Now she is determined to show Phoenix that he deserves redemption. That he is no longer the person he used to be. No matter how many times Phoenix pushes her away, and every warning she gets from her new family, she will fight to save Phoenix and the love she has for him.

“It broke my heart, absolutely shattered every part of me, that the only time I’d seen him truly at peace was in that moment- when he was asking for his own death.”

I freaking loved Bee’s character. She was a lot stronger than I gave her credit for in the beginning. Bee was never introduced to the Mafia world the way the other characters have been. She has been beyond sheltered and it definitely showed. She was everything that Phoenix wasn’t and everything he needed. She was full of life and very bubbly. While she had her own problems and insecurities she was determined to make Phoenix live. Bee was shown a lot throughout this book. She was introduced to a world that is dark and violent and she kept on making jokes and pushing Phoenix’s buttons. She was just great overall.

“You love a person for who they are, embracing what they’ve been and hoping for what they’ll become.”

Phoenix and Bee had a lot to overcome in this book. Not only did they have the problems with the family that kept on coming but they had their relationship to work through. Phoenix has his guilt and panic that the monster that he has tamed will come back. He goes through so much more than I ever thought. I am usually able to pick a couple or a book that is my favorite but I really can’t. This series as whole is just amazing. With every book the series builds on itself and the characters become more than what they are in their books. While these books are stand alones I would never read them that way. The story is great individually but the story becomes so much more when you read them together. Phoenix’s story is one that is heart wrenching and difficult but it’s also a story about finding peace, love, and redemption.

“Each kiss was like a broken piece getting found and put back together again; each touch was like being reborn.”

I thought that this was going to be the most heartbreaking story to read in the series but after the buildup with Sergio. I think I just might be wrong. My heart is already breaking and I haven’t even read the book yet.

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