May 24, 2015

REVIEW: Black Rainbow By, J.J. McAvoy

After an erotic one-week fling with a musician she meets in a bar, Thea Cunning never expects to see Levi Black again. Then Monday morning comes around, and she discovers that her former lover is not only her professor, but he’s also one of the top criminal lawyers in the state of Massachusetts.

With everyone in class vying to be one of the twelve disciples—a group of twelve students that Professor Black takes under his wing—tensions run high. Thea considers dropping his class, given their passionate week together and their undeniable chemistry. After all, there are other (less infuriatingly sexy) law professors on campus.

But to accomplish her goal and get her father out of prison, Thea knows she needs to learn under the best of the best—and that’s Levi Black.

But can she learn under the best, without being under the best?

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“But I wasn’t drifting anymore. Because of Levi, I had found a place to rest.”

J.J. McAvoy stole a piece of my literary heart when I read the first chapter of Ruthless People, and with every chapter and book after that she stole more pieces. Until now she is on the short list of auto buy authors. The writing style and the characters are well thought out, well written, and completely captivating. After reading the Ruthless People series I wasn’t sure that I could picture J.J. McAvoy writing a NA contemporary. I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up Black Rainbow and fell in love all over again.

“I didn’t even know her last name, and yet it was like ever part of me was crying out for her.”

Thea Cunning has come back to the one place she never wanted to come back to. Boston holds memories that she would rather forget and a ghost that haunts her. Especially with the career choice that she has made. On her first night home she wants to drown herself in a bar and forget that she is back. When she meets Liam the sexy brooding guitarist she knows a one night stand when she is in one but in the morning she can’t seem to let go. Liam Black is the best defense attorney you could ever want. He is cut throat and ruthless when it comes to his cases. He hasn’t lost one yet. He goes to his sister’s bar to wind down and play his guitar where he meets the beautiful Thea. When they go home together it’s hotter than he ever thought possible and he isn’t through with her yet. They both agree to just sex for 7 days, where Liam’s law class will start, and Thea will be on her way to being a lawyer. When the seven days ends neither of them wants to stop but they both let each other go, until they run into each other in the classroom. Liam Black is not Professor Black and Thea is his student.

“This could be my first loss, I though bitterly to myself, as I watched her walk away.”

Thea Cunning was a definitely a character that I really liked but she also frustrated me beyond all reason sometimes. Thea had so much going on in her past and with her motivations to become a lawyer that she could have been weak and she wasn’t. There were moments that she was weak but it was understandable. Thea was smart and she cared deeply about the people that she loves. The way she handle Liam, her emotions, and relationships in general was what was frustrating. She had been hurt pretty thoroughly when she was younger and that definitely made her jaded to love, so while it was frustrating it was understandable. I absolutely loved Liam Black. He was driven, compassionate, and sexy. He knows what he wants and he goes after it. The Shark stays at his job, when he is just Liam he is definitely an alpha but he can also be soft and caring with Thea. Liam was definitely a male character that has made it onto my book boyfriend list.

“Leaning down, I closed the gap between us. In that moment, everything I had been suppressing for the last month came rushing back to me.”

While I loved the characters I really loved the story as well. If you love teacher-student relationship this is a one that definitely needs to be picked up. While it was a T-S relationship there was so much more to it. The story was completely unique. Liam and Thea have a chemistry that you can feel coming off of the page. And while they have their romance and the ups and downs that come with it we also have other story lines running through it. There is Thea’s dad and Liam’s ex and everything that makes the story great. The writing was amazing as well. We got flashbacks of the week and we got to watch them fall for each other a little more with every day. Through flashback chapters we got snippets of their week together while feeling the angst of seeing each other again in the classroom.

“She laughed, curling up against me, and I couldn’t imagine any other place for her to be than in my arms. I was in deep, and I was never getting out.”

J.J. McAvoy has quickly become one of my favorite authors. There is skill in being able to write someone completely Ruthless and still have us love them, while also writing someone as completely swoon-worthy as Liam and have the reader love them just as much. J.J. McAvoy has a talent and I can’t wait to read whatever she creates! Black Rainbow was completely captivating and easy to get lost in.

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