May 15, 2015

REVIEW: No One Like You (Barefoot Williams #4) By, Kate Angell

No One Expects a Curveball

For Rylan Cates, the gloriously sunny beachside town of Barefoot William may be home, but the pro baseball player needs to focus on spring training. Hiring a personal assistant to keep him and his four dogs organized for the next eight weeks is the first step--and Beth Avery is the perfect pinch hitter.

Beth is still looking for her place in the world, and a couple months caring for Rylan's two dachshunds, his golden retriever, and a Great Dane named Atlas should shore up her finances before she moves on. Except it's Atlas who won't budge, pushing her toward tanned, scruffy, sexy Rylan every chance he gets. One more strike and she's calling the dog out--unless she and Rylan admit that the attraction they're feeling is a game-winning grand slam. . .


This book is as much about the pets as it is about the couple that stars in the book. We have a baseball player that is hardcore about his little fury family. He hires a new assistant that also takes care of them. Ryan always has dinner and a treat cooked for his pets and when he loses his currant assistant he has to hire someone new. Enter Beth. She is in deperate need of a temporary position and when she learns of the assistant position for a famous baseball player she takes it. When Beth shows up for the interview she gets a “tryout” which shouldn’t be too hard, until she meets the four dogs that she needs to walk, and she also forgets she has zero experience with animals.

As we get to learn more about Beth, we learn more about her life and what she is running from. She has a vindictive family so she took what she needed and ran until she was off the radar. Beth was a real character in a world that deals a lot with gold diggers and fakes. Ryan will soon learn that there is more to her than he ever thought. Ryan has dealt with his fair share of women who only care about money or furthering their own careers. Ryan never expected how real Beth would be and how much his picky dog would fall in love with her himself.

There were many good parts to this story. The characters were real and likeable. We also had the added benefit of Atlas, the Great Dane that saw how great they were together before either of them. There were emotions as well as light and fluffy moments. It was an enjoyable read, especially for people who like light summery romance reads.

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