May 26, 2015

REVIEW: Wrecked (Starstruck #2) By, Cynthia Valero

A Secret Crush…

Talented songwriter, Sunny Burnett, shelves her dream of Nashville when her older sister is killed in a car wreck and helps her mother pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Two years later, her mother’s still struggling and Sunny is desperate to help her. Dusting off her guitar, penning a new song, and marshaling her courage, she enters a duet contest, hoping to use the prize money to turn her mother's life around. She’ll do anything to win. Even if it means partnering with the last man she should ask—her sister’s ex-boyfriend, a gifted singer and Sunny’s longtime secret crush.

A Clandestine Choice…

Curtis Bliss blames himself for Tuesday Burnett’s death. And so does her family. Haunted by regret, he forfeits his musical dreams for years, until he’s challenged by a most unexpected source—his ex’s younger sister. Sunny Burnett blows him away by asking for his help and, in turn, offering him a tentative forgiveness. Even more surprising is the burning attraction that ignites and consumes them both.

Can the new lovers make their dreams come true after all? Or will the secrets they keep wreck them forever?


There was something intriguing about the synopsis of this book. I haven’t read the first book in the series but I was really interested in this book. The circumstance between the hero and heroine was something that I haven’t necessarily read before. Curtis Bliss was in love with Tuesday Burnett since they first met. When she dies he can’t help but blame himself along with the Burnett family. Sunny Burnett has been in Tuesday’s shadow for as long as she can remember. After Tuesday dies Sunny decides to come out of the shadows to win some money for her mother to bring her out of her depression. The last person she wants to ask is the only person that has the potential to help her win, Curtis Bliss.

I loved Curtis and Sunny together. Even though Curtis and Sunny are both hurting you can feel them move past it together. Curtis and Sunny were definitely meant to be together. They had so much in common and helped each other be strong and grow. I really felt bad for the Curtis and the guilt and unnecessary blame he was going through. For someone who was being blamed for something he couldn’t control he handled it the best way he could. He was definitely strong. Sunny was a strong heroine. She has had a crush on Curtis forever and it was endearing how far she went to keep her sister’s memory good even when she didn’t necessarily deserve it. Sunny was strong and definitely learned to be brave, come out of the shadows, and grab the life she always wanted.

I am not a huge fan of novellas because I don’t feel like I can get as invested in the characters that I want. This one didn’t really have that problem for me. We got to see the grief, the growth, and the love that the couple and their families had for each other. The writing was done well. There was something special about this story and I think I will be picking up other books in this series.

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  1. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read and review Wrecked. I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed it! :-)