May 8, 2015

REVIEW: Blackout By, Chris Myers

No restraining order will stop Dare from protecting Teal.

The blackouts started happening when Teal was eight. There are long periods of her youth she doesn't remember. She has woken up in strange places, feeling disoriented and unaware of how long she's been out.

After two years abroad attending a private school and sessions with a top-notch psychiatrist, she's been deemed cured. The blackouts have ceased, or so Teal thought, until she wakes up in a ditch back home in North Carolina. Dare, the man pulling her broken body from the wreckage, has a restraining order against him. He’s no longer the clean-cut boy she went frog gigging with but road-hardened. His lean, muscular arms, riddled with tats, drag her out of the SUV. She should fear him, but instead, his touch sparks memories that tell her she once worshipped him with all her heart.

New Adult Romantic Suspense.

Steamy psychological thriller for 18 and older.


This synopsis immediately got me. I needed this book immediately. I am not a very big thriller reader. I don’t know why cause I love thriller movie but anyway. The plot in this book was really good. I had no idea what was going on and I couldn’t put the book down. I read it in one sitting and in a few hours. This book consumed me even though I had some big problems with some of it.

Let’s start with talk about the plot. Since Teal was eight years old the blackouts started. There was tragic day that she can’t remember. Ten years later she comes back home to deal with the blackouts and help take care of her sick grandmother. What she doesn’t expect are the blackouts to start again and the hatred that comes from Dare, her childhood friend. I thought that the mystery and the angst was amazing in this book. There were so many things going on and so many people that could be doing I really couldn’t make a good guess and those are the books I love the most. The plot and all of the twists and turns were really well laid out. They kept you guessing and kept your mind planted firmly in the world.

The characters were another good part about the book. Teal has been having blackouts since she was eight and you can really tell how they disabled her development. She seemed really na├»ve and childish sometimes. But I mean how easy is it to grow up not depending on people when you blackout at random times. For what Teal actually went through she was a pretty normal character. She has insecurities and bad moments but she was also strong. She stood up to her father and the monsters that were following her. She didn’t give up and hide, she kept fighting. Dare was interesting. His life was completely destroyed the night that started the blackouts. He was gentle, kind, and intelligent. Then one night and one set-up ruined everything. Now he is hard, cold, and filled with hatred. He has a rap sheet a mile long and everyone thinks he is a pervert. I didn’t like him as much as I liked Teal but he was ok. He was protective, my problem was that he never really gave his “good friend” the benefit of the doubt. All throughout the book you could tell that even though he wanted to claim her there was still some hatred there. The characters worked well together throughout the story.

Now this is where the story lost its stars, the romance. The romance between Dare and Teal really confused me because of the back and forth. Teal wanted to be with him but didn’t want to cause any more problems. She wanted to be with him but he wasn’t stable enough for her. I don’t mind back and forth as long as it stops at some point. Dare wanted her but hated her. Dare wanted her but didn’t trust her. Dare wanted her but couldn’t jeopardize anymore of his future. There was so much back and forth and it kept on right until the last chapter. The end of their romance really confused and angered me as well. Their whole romance just made me angry. There was nothing that I really like about them together. The story and the mystery was amazing and I loved that. Their relationship however is a different story.


Dare and Teal hadn’t seen each other very much for two years after everything came to end. To the point that Teal actually went on a blind date. Then they see each other for a few days and he freaking proposes so that when they move in together in the future they can be together. It was ridiculous and didn’t make that much sense. It drove me a little insane.

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