July 27, 2014

Barely Undercover Review

Barely Undercover

(Legal Heat Book #2)
Sarah Castille
4.5 Stars!

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When private investigator Lana Parker follows a dangerous biker into an underground sex club, James Hunter is the last man she expects to see. But there he is, all dark looks and chiseled charms, ready to break her heart all over again.

Danger is the name of the game for an undercover cop. And the last thing James wants is for the fiery beauty to come anywhere near the notorious biker gang he's trying to take down. Yet Lana has no intention of giving up her case, which means he'll have to keep her close to keep her safe. A risky proposition-especially when their blazing sexual chemistry reignites an unforgettable passion.

But when a dark terror emerges from the past, Lana goes on the run...and James gives up everything to save her. Backed into a corner, Lana must face her fears, including the one thing that frightens her most...her overwhelming feelings for the man whose searing glance sparks her most hidden desires, the man she should not trust, but cannot resist.

Warning: The book contains violence, explicit sex, light bondage, heavy swearing, motorcycle sexy times, bad-ass biker naughty times, and an exceptionally hot hero who will get down and dirty anywhere but under the covers.

Wow. This book was a steamy one!

The story in this book was really interesting. Lana “Roxie” Parker is a PI that needs to get photos of the President of Hades, a Biker MC, so that his “old lady” can divorce him and take the kids. She finds herself following him into a sex club where she runs into Heartless Bastard. James “Ice” Hunter is an undercover cop who went undercover with a local MC. He uses the name Ice. He left Lana two years ago and never looked back until he sees Lana has caught the attention of the President of the MC.

I loved the way this story played out. Sarah Castille was able to give us pieces of information at a pace that didn’t let you assume anything about the book. I couldn’t even begin to guess some of the things that James and Lana have gone through. The pace wasn’t boring either. We got just enough information to keep us on our seats until Sarah decided we could have another piece. The supporting characters were great too. Lana’s best friend and PI was hilarious, sweet, and caring even though she has a past as well. She was a kindred spirit and someone Lana needed to heal. Ryder was a great best friend for Ice. Another MC that wanted to keep to the gray area of the legal system. He was a good guy and helped Ice keep Roxie out of trouble.

Lana and James had such good chemistry. In and out of bed. James was over protective but still managed to let Lana do the things she felt she needed to do. James was such an alpha male. Definitely sexy. Lana is a distraction that James doesn’t need but he realizes he can’t let her go a second time. James has a past that he works try’s to work through throughout the book. But it’s hard when his head and his heart are telling him two different thing. Lana is a PI and she is horrible at it LOL. She has a dark past the she has run from once but this new assignment has brought her back to it and James. Lana was a great character. Even though James tries to go all Alpha Male all the time she doesn’t let him get away with it. She does what she wants and doesn’t let him boss her around. (except in the bedroom) LOL. Now the sexual chemistry between them was WOW just WOW. You could feel the steam coming through my kindle.

"What we had isn't dead. I hear it in the hitch of your breath. I see it in the flush of your cheeks. I can taste your desire on my lips. And if I stripped you bare, and licked my way down your body, I could find you wet and ready for me."

The pain that both Lana and James have been through and put each other through doesn’t just magically go away. The characters have to work through their problems together.  Their problems don’t just disappear because they love each other. They both have demons they need to work through and they manage to do it together. There were steamy scenes but the book had more going for it than that. Some books are all about the sex scenes and let those carry the story. But not this one. The story line, for me, was better than the sex scenes and that’s hard because let’s face it those scene were pretty steamy and hot. Watch out girls. This will be you while reading this book....

This was a great book and would recommend it to anyone who loves Bikers, Alpha Males, and some steamy steamy sex.

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