December 14, 2014

REVIEW: Pushing the Boundaries (Picking up the Pieces #3) By, Jessica Prince

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Living in the small town of Cloverleaf, watching her friends settle down one by one, all Lizzy wants is her own happily ever after. But with each failed date she starts to believe that finding the one man who will look at her like she’s his reason for living is practically impossible.
Trevor has had feelings for Lizzy since stepping foot into Cloverleaf, but despite their intense chemistry when they first met, the feisty little redhead friend-zoned him before he ever had a chance to make his move. After watching her date every loser in town he’s finally decided enough is enough. Thanks to a drunken weekend in Vegas, he finally has the one thing he’s always wanted…Lizzy as his wife.
But just because he caught her doesn’t mean he’ll get to keep her. Can Trevor and Lizzy push the boundaries of friendship and build a relationship that can truly last, or will they crash and burn before they ever get off the ground?

I love this series. I fell in love with Emmy and Luke in the first one and again with Savannah and Jeremy. Now it is finally Trevor’s turn. I always liked the scenes with Trevor and I was so excited to read his book. This book was funny, steamy, and full of romance I loved every minute.

Trevor has been in love with Lizzy since the first moment he saw her. But because of his past she immediately decided it was better they became friends and they became the best of friends. Now Trevor is going to fight for more. He is finally ready to put operation get Lizzy to fall in love with me into action. Once he gets to Vegas he watches his friends get married, parties, and then marries Lizzy. I loved Trevor. He was always one of my favorite characters. He is sweet funny and all around a good guy. He really puts everything on the line to get the one person he always loved.

Lizzy is ready to settle down with Mr. Right. She has been watching her friends dropping like flies. Finding love, getting married, and some are even having babies. After having multiple bad dates Lizzy decides to leave it in Cloverleaf while she watches another one of her friends get married. Only after the nuptials and the partying she wakes up with Trevor and a ring on her finger. Lizzy is stubborn, sassy, and hilarious. Her reaction the morning after was pretty great. She has a temper and she is not afraid to show it. She doesn’t let people walk over her or her friends. I loved her struggle with loving Trevor. She really had to realize everything they had together. She made Trevor work for her and it was great reading it.

This book was so well done. This has been one of my favorites this year. The writing was well done and each book is different. There are different emotions in everyone. In Pushing the Boundaries there were a lot of laughs but underneath that there was a lot of emotion and love. I really enjoyed this series and I can’t wait to read more from this author.

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