April 12, 2014

AnguiSH Review

Lila Felix

5 stars!!!!!

Anguish was the status quo, until she walked in.

Breaker James Collins is confined in a prison of his own making. Scarred doesn’t begin to define his hell since finding out his girlfriend had cheated, stolen, and lied two years ago. It led to a single event—one that would blacken his days and his nights from then on. Since then, he hasn’t left his house, crippled by fear of people and any social interaction.

Ashland talks too much and has the voice of a meth-laden prairie dog, or so she’s always been told. She’s been called annoying and irritating all of her life and gave up on having friends for a long time. College has given her a new lease on a social life and she’s embraced who she is. But now she’s waiting for the one guy who can take her breath away and put up with her antics. 

A simple note pinned to a corkboard will lead Ash right to Breaker’s solitary world and she will learn that just because a guy doesn’t fit her ideal, doesn’t mean she won’t fall head over feet in love.

My Thoughts…

I freaking loved this book. Everything about it. Ashland. Breaker. Everything.

“So I opened the door a crack and instantly blushed at what I saw. Breaker was dancing in a pair of navy blue boxer briefs, nothing else, and singing the words into a water bottle.”

This book was hilarious. The story line was really great and interesting. There are a million romance stories out there. A lot of them are the same with some tiny twist or something to try and make it different. This story wasn’t anything like that. This story was new and refreshing. It was heartbreaking in the beginning but it was absolutely beautiful by the end.

I love that there wasn’t any unnecessary drama. Yes, tension in a story is a good thing but the melodrama isn’t needed, the love triangles are not needed, the stupid fights aren’t needed. They had to part ways to make their life together better and things like that are always necessary. We open the story with Breaker going through what that bitch, Holly, did to him. Then we come to find out he spent time in the hospital and now he has panic attacks every time he tries to leave the house. So for two years he hasn’t left the house that his parents let him stay in. Then we meet Ashland. She has her own scars as well. People have always said that she was annoying and talked too much. When she answers an ad for a live in maid she thinks it will be the best way to pay for a place to live while she is in college. What she didn’t know was how much she was going to have in common with her new employer. She didn’t know she was about to fall in love.


“I wanted to punch myself in the pie hole right then.”

Ashland is a hilarious character. She rambles; she talks too much, and asks a lot of questions. (reminds me of someone)

I love that she always unintentionally says everything that comes to mind. She doesn’t always mean to in the beginning but it seems that if you get her to ramble long enough the truth always comes out. Her character is very understanding and loveable. She wants to get to know the guy that never leaves his house, maybe even help him leave. She has some of the best lines in this book. She, at one point, says he has jerkassbastardly ways. I mean what a word. Hahahaha

I love that she falls in love with someone that she never expected. He wasn’t her usual type and that made the love real for me. She saw him at his lowest point and loved him anyway. I loved that when it was time for her to go she made sure he knew that she still and always would love him. She made the best and hardest decision for them but it made their relationship stronger. She was always willing to do what she thought he needed to get better. It made her so loveable.

“I nodded and didn’t focus on his strong hands on my shoulders. And I didn’t even notice how his breath blew on the back of my neck. And I especially didn’t feel his stomach pressing against my back. A liar-I’m also a filthy liar.”


He really has had the worst luck in woman. Holly really did a number on him. When we first meet him he has a lot of scars. He can’t leave the house, he can’t talk to strangers, and he doesn’t even like having people in his house. He communicates with his best friend through emails and text messages. He stopped cleaning his apartment so his mother decided to hire a live in maid. Breaker tried his best to get him mom to hire the old lady but it didn’t work.

I loved Breaker from the start. He was in desperate need of someone that would take the time to help him. His family was so afraid of making it worse he never saw them. His character was also pretty funny. He tried his best to stay away from Ashland but it never worked. Breaker was sweet and it was nice to see his take on his prison and how things were developing with Ash.

“Because my lungs packed their bags and turned in their timecards when he kissed me, unable and refusing to work under these conditions.”

I loved that this story had a Happily Ever After for the two of them but there was still work to be done. It wasn’t going to be all sunshine and roses for them but their relationship is worth it. The story stays true to someone who has an anxiety disorder. You never really get over it, you just learn to live with it the best you can. And that’s what they did.

Oh dual POV? Spectacular!!

This story was a really sweet read. I loved every minute of it. Here I am trying to catch up with The Game Of Thones and I can’t be bothered to put the book down. Needless to say I will be re-watching that episode. I read this book in a few hours because it was just one that you didn’t want to take a break while reading it. My husband couldn’t even stay in the same room with me anymore because I was laughing out loud through the whole book.

This is my first book by Lila Felix and let me tell you…I am in love. I will be reading anything else I can get my hands on. My only regret is not reading any of her books sooner!

Now I am going to leave the buy links…… GO GET IT!!!!!!!!!

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