March 25, 2014

Always and Forever By, S.P Cervantes Review

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Always and Forever

Secrets of Shadow Hill

SP Cervantes

3.5 Stars!

The Blurb ....
Twin sisters Ava and Hannah were ripped from seeming Their peaceful lives into a whirlwind of attacks and war only to learn the real truth about Their existence. 
Nothing Seemed as it was anymore and may never be again. Already they had lost Their father in childhood now they have to cope with Their mother's kidnapping as they watch Those sworn to protect them Risk Their Lives.

My Thoughts ....

I thought this book was pretty good. The plot of the story really grabbed my attention. I am not one to read about wizards Often I know this was a very new thing for me. I loved the world That Describing Dalton started out to us. I am a huge fan of alternating POVs and Cervantes did it flawlessly. Some of it overlapped but it was only parts I was wishing I Knew what the other was thinking. The story was interesting and it was easy to go sucked into the story. I liked it That Took place in Ireland and Dalton, Ava, and Hannah had Their Lives intertwined even before they Knew each other. The story was tragic, hilarious, intense, and beautiful.

Dalton McGregor

"She looked so peaceful, so breakable ... like an angel."

I loved Dalton. He was protective and loving When He even thought That Ava was still with Patrick. He was very understanding and did not push her ​​on Their feelings until he felt he needed them to be known.

"But I do love her with every inch of my being. Whatever or whoever she chooses, I will protect her forever. "

He was so incredibly sweet. I had no problems with him When it came to the story.

Ava Fox

Now this is where my problems with the story come from. I thought her character was great. She was loyal and strong in the face of learning about another world she did not even know Existed. excepted She That this was real with no real problems. Once she got to Ireland she was an emotional wreck but she worked through Those emotions and was still Able to learn what she needed to. The way she ACTED in the face of her crisis was believable and it was nice to see some vulnerability. The way Dalton and interacted Ava was beautiful and amazing. My only problem with her ​​was the way she ACTED When Patrick got back. I mean I understand not wanting to rub her new relationship in His face but there was no reason to act like they were not in love. She was not really fair to either of them. Dalton and Ava are Destined Also but she did not want to let Patrick go. It was kind of Twilight-ish and it drove me nuts.

The other characters were great as well. I love Hannah. She was one of my favorites. She was bubbly and happy and was Able to enjoy life while she was Able to. She got down to business When She needed as well. I did not really understand the character of Patrick other than being an ex-boyfriend That She needed to leave behind. I feel like that is where he needed to stay. Aiden was a good one too. He was a sense of support Dalton needed. He was able to be a brother to someone who had trouble letting other people into. He Also Brought the life of the party When they had down time When Dalton was being too serious.

After reading the whole thing I liked the book. There were some things That I did not really care for but Other than that it was good. I can not wait to read the next one and hopefully the Love triangle will be toned down a bit. 

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