March 4, 2014

Release Day!!!!

Today is the day....
SOME LIKE IT WILD  By, M. Leighton is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to rave about M. Leighton for a minute. The first book I ever read was Madly and I fell in love. I have since read almost every book she has published. This is were she sets herself above other authors. I ordered some swag from her website, you know a couple little things. I waited for them to come and when they did she sent me a T-shirt and an arc of Some Like It Wild. I also got the swag I order and a hand written note. It made my day. I expect nothing extra because of my address. And I mean nothing. But she noticed that it was a military family address and decided to do something special. It was pretty amazing!

M. Leighton's book are always amazing. This book is no different! Here is the cover....

If you like wild bad boys you are going to love this book. I have a few pictures with quotes.

Mature Content 18 +

Alrighty. Go buy this book. I promise you wont be disappointed! I have the links above.

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