March 8, 2014


I have been going to check my mail every day this a complete dork.
A couple weeks ago I ordered two t-shirts...

A Vampire Academy T-Shirt.
And a T Significance T-Shirt.

And yesterday they finally came in!

I was so excited! I was like this after I had the slip in my PO Box..

 The guy that gave me the packages thought I was crazy because I also did a little happy dance right there.

Here they are ...

The back says Belikov .... so freaking amazing
                                   (Yes those are my braclets Leighton M. .. Love them.)
Significance T-shirt.

Yes I am the type of dork to order and wear T-shirts that support books but I don't care I love them and wear them with pride!! <3 font="">

 Now I'm just waiting for my Marshmellow T-shirt (yes, M. Leighton) and I will be ordering in Madly T-shirt (yes, M. Leighton again)

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