March 28, 2014

Enflame Review

Jamie magee

4.5 stars!

Return to the world of Insight with ENFLAME, the sixth installment of the addictive story that brings you to the forefront of your darkest fears and cradles you in the belief that each of us has our own divine fates.  

Enflame opens breaths after the final chapter of Vindicate. Both Willow and Landen are rocked with unthinkable grief as they struggle to find balance in the wake of their Mars deadly trials.

The Realm showed no mercy on this fated couple. Landen's mind was awakened; a past he'd rather not remember was revealed to his soul. Giving the darker side of his peaceful being no choice but to seize control and give birth to a fierce warrior, who vows to show no mercy, as he fights for those he has sworn to guide and protect.

These new found revelations bring forth more than a dark awareness. Old souls from a fiery past come forth and reveal how they are tightly woven into the curse that torments Willow and Landen's every breath. These admissions threaten the foundation of this ordained couple - invoking emotions that are deeper and darker than any past conflict this pair has faced thus far.

Within this jaded confluence both Willow and Landen must refocus their strengths, overcome heated emotions, and weather through the karmic law of life. The only thing standing in their way is scornful jealousies and wrathful grudges that have the influence to empower them either under the commanding rays of Jupiter or divides two souls that are created to be one. With seized breath, those that have placed their faith in this dynamic couple wait for their future to unfold.

My Thoughts ...

"You are me. I am you. You have more than a say. What you feel, I feel-and together we are unstoppable."

Wow, wow, wow

Jamie Magee has done it again. This is the 6th installment in the Insight series.It Also is the 11th installment in The Web of Heart and Souls  series. I love this series. It is one of my favorites Especially  with all the other books That have other POVs.I have a bit of an obsession with this book. (well any book really) But especially this one. Even if I don't read them right away I buy them the minute they come out because I have to know I have them. They are that good. It's a must read for everyone. Now back to the book....

We come into the story literally minutes after Vindicate. Willow and Landen are about to go through a major heartbreak. When I started this book I was a little apprehensive. If you have read my review of Vindicate I was not happy with the way Willow's family had treated her when she was going through having Landen and Drake in The Realm. 

I am one of those people that have fictional friends and Willow is one of them. Hahaha. Pretty sad 
So I end up being protective of her. I had a problem with the way even Landen was treating her When he got back. I feel like everyone is trying to keep her in a glass box because of her emotions. But she will never learn to control them if no one trusts her to learn. She seems to be left out of the loop a lot and no one takes the time to actually tell her anything. I know there are things she doesn't want to know but keeping her out as much as they are isn't helping her control either.

"I felt like a spoiled brat, someone who did not deserve Landen. Maybe they were right. Maybe I was a walking tragedy."

I hated this line.
That she even felt like that for even a second was horrible.

Other than that I was amazingly happy with this book. I loved the new characters. Phoenix was great. Hilarious once I go past the way he treated Willow in the beginning. He cared about Landen and Because He cared about Landed he cared a lot about Willow. I loved how he called her Sunshine.

I actually liked Skylynn too. Not the parts where she threw Landen and her relationship to her face. I got the feeling that Willow and Skylynn Could be friends if she did not make the mistake of getting together with Landen. I think she genuinely cares about what happens to them but she is so focused on finding her other (I'm not telling you who it is, read it and find out * wink, wink *) 

I feel like Landen could be considered a new character as well. There is a whole other side to Landen that we are learning about. This side is fiercely protective, of Willow. And of everyone else. Also it can be dark and dangerous. It is an exciting and new part of the book. He's changing but the Landen that we have grown to love is still in there. It was a shock at first but I like where his character is going.

"Promise me you'll open yourself up, let her see the real you. The one I see right now."
An embarrassed grin invaded his image addictive. "And how am I supposed to do that?"
"You'll figure it out. I should not be the one that only sees side of you."
"Are you telling me to live a little?" he asked with an allure in his eyes.

I loved that the triangle between Willow and Drake is over. I love Drake, do not get me wrong, but I love that that tension is over even more. Now they can be the close friends that they were meant to be. They need each other to push each other to the limit. Everyone needs to be passionate about something and they help bring that out in each other. It is going to take a while to get over the past love that they had but I have faith that they can do it.

This book was amazing. It was a great installment in the series and I can not wait for the next one. I had some minor issues but other than those the book was just spectacular. I have read every book and will continue to read the ones past this one. I am nervous to read Redefined but we will see how that goes. This book is a must read for anyone that loves a good paranormal book. And for anyone that needs a good romance book. Is not like anything that is out there right now. This series consumes you and doesn't let you go.
And you do not want it to.

"I had no idea how damaged I was, how damaged Madison was, but I knew one thing: with souls like Landen and Drake to protect and love us, we would not be broken for long-and God help the evil we were fighting when we regained our strength once more."

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