March 19, 2014

Box sets...ooh the box sets..

I am going to be bossy for a minute...
These are two amazing box sets
Theses have many of my favorite authors and you need, and I MEAN NEED, to read all of these books.

The first amazing set I am really excited about...
It's The Little Black Box Set...

Available 4/4/14

The Authors

Michelle Leighton Madly-
This is one of my absolutely favorite books and authors. Both have bought it for my kindle and paperback on <3 font="">

Quinn Loftis-Prince of Wolves
I fell in love with this series. Read all of them and this book was stunning

Amber Garza-Damaged
I have not read this one yet but based on the rest of the books I have to!!

Lila Felix-Love and Skate
This one is on my kindle just wait for me ....

Cambria Hebert-Masquarade
I have read this one and I fell in love instantly. It's a must read

Shelly Crane-Collide
She is another of my favorite authors. I have read all of her books and this is no exception. Its fantastic

Julia Crane-Coexist
I read this book in a day. That Should tell you something

AM Hargrove-Survival
This one is begging me to read on. Everytime I scroll through my kindle it is screaming at me!

Jamie Magee-See
I love this book and every book That goes with it

Rachel Higginson-Starbright
I have not read this one but I can not wait to read it.

Once I read about this box set in particular I was like ...

And then I read about the price of each of the box sets in this post
For a limited time they are 99cents.
99 pennines
. -9-9
For all of these amazing books 
You pay 99 cents twice and you get some of the best books I have ever read

And now for the next the set ...

Dangerous Lovers!
                        Available 03/24/14!

Here are the Authors:

HD Gordon-Blood Warrior
I have not yet read but I have downloaded it. I mean why would not I. It's called the Alexa Montgomery Series. Get it? Hahahaha

Jamie Magee-Rivulet
I have read and downloaded this one. It's AMAZING

Janelle Stalder-Switch
I won an e-book copy and I can not wait to read it!

Cambria Hebert-Charmed
I have not read this one yet but I love her other stuff I know it is a definitely going to be a great read!

AM Hargrove-Dark Waltz
It's on my to-read list. Heard great things about it!

Becca Vincenza-Damaged
This is going on my to-read list and am probably going to love it based ON THESE other books.

I mean who does not love the dangerous  boys?!?!

Here is the book trailer

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