March 7, 2014

Review for Vindicate

Vindicate (Insight # 5; web of Hearts and Souls # 7)
By Jamie Magee
4 Stars!

At the end of Vital we know someone has taken Landen and Drake. Willow has a new insight and everything seems to be falling apart. This is a new side to Willow we have not seen yet. She is filled with a fury that she has no idea how to control. What do you do When your family is even afraid of you, of you losing your control and your mind? Will she be Able to control it long enough to get Landen back and Drake? Will she find the twins they need? Or everything will end before they all collide?

Willow Haywood has always struggled with her emotions and now she needs to have more control than ever. Her emotions are now displayed for the Entire world to see and it can be deadly. Willow is full of fury as she watches her soul mate, Landen, and Drake get weaker and weaker. Willow needs to focus long enough to find the evil twins and get them back.

The only person left is for Willow to rely on Brady. He seems to be able to bring some type of calm to her that before now only Landen was able to bring her. With him at her side she has some hope of saving Esterious from the that emotions are reflected by the weather.

Drake and Landen are lost. A demon has taken them to a place where they have to face their past lives and choices. The only person that can keep their minds together is Willow and she is fighting for her sanity back into reality.

It is time.
For everyone's paths to collide.

Landen sends Willow a dream. A dream That shows her exactly where she needs the people are. So she runs. And who does she find. Charlie. The One That girl knows exactly how Willow feels. Willow brings back Charlie and the Entire " See "crew. Including the twin She Has been so focused on.

Now to save them she needs to control her emotions

Enough to learn to see.

And who is going to teach her?


Draven knows what it is like to be stuck in The Realm fighting evil itself. Draven needs to teach Willow how to fight Bianca and get her men back. It is going to be dangerous for everyone but without Landen  and  Drake the three of them will be gone.

I thought that this book was really good. It was not my favorite because I hated the way everyone, except Landen and Draven, thought that Willow was losing her mind and couldn't handle the path before her. She is a lot stronger than any of them the gave her credit for in this book. Willow is one of my favorite characters ever and I did not like seeing how her family treated her.

Jamie Magee did an amazing job with this book. It was addicting and we got to see a side of Willow that was awesome. When finally she got into The Realm she came into her own. She learned how to be strong and make decisions by herself. Yes she needs Landen and Drake but she was able to find an inner strength That saved them and their fates.

I am so glad That the Insight and See crews finally came together. I loved getting both points of view but I love them together in the same book.  I love Draven and I fell in love with him a little bit more when I saw the way he treated Willow.

I love that in her own way Willow is starting to show Draven and Charlie That they need each other. hiding Fighting and things are not the way to go and Willow learned the hard way.

"There is a reason for everything." I pulled my hand from HIS. "Never doubt your heart. Love. Love of soul mates is divine, and it is tested every single moment of every day. You have to fight for it. If it's not worth fighting for, then it's not love. "
                   She says it best. She says exactly what Draven needed to hear. That book every minute of Willow's soul was getting stronger and it was amazing to read.

Almost everything about this book was great and I can not wait to read the next ones. Jamie Magee is brilliant and this series gets the bigger the better it gets. I have yet to read anything like this And that is saying something. It is original and creative and totally addicting ....

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