March 14, 2014

Cover Reveal baby!!!!!

Who wants another cover reveal?

Me! I sure do!

Now I am originally from New England so I can not wait to read this book For that reason alone. Never mind the rest of the synopsis. Can't wait to read!!

By Juliet Chatham

A New Adult Romance
Releasing June 2014
Published by Swoon Romance

Synopsis from Goodreads :
HAD TO BE YOU is a new adult contemporary romance sets in Massachusetts small beach town in the days leading up to a summer wedding. At its heart, this is a story about first love, but Also as it carries over into the post-college years, spanning That decade and touching upon themes ripe blackberries. It does not shy away from erotic description, but only as it Reflects and reinforces the deep connection and passion defining the relationship.

When Rory Finn first left behind the familiarity of her quiet, picturesque hometown to pursued as a professional career in the city after college, her intention was to focus on the future-until a jarring bit of unwelcome news forces her to face the past. What if her first love Could actually still be the true love of her life? There's just one little problem with the timing of this revelation. He is about to marry someone else.

As she embarks upon an impulsive, desperate bid to win him back, her mission turns into an unexpected and emotional journey of rediscovery. Both with humor and heartbreak, the story itself transitions from past to present, exploring a small history of love From its tentative beginnings to what may just turned out to be the final ITS bittersweet end.

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