March 6, 2014

Review for Some Like It Wild!!!!!

Some Like It Wild
M. Leighton

5 stars!

"Some like it wild, but not me. At least not forever. "~ Laney

Some Like It Wild is the second installment in M. Leighton's The Wild Ones series. This book was a fun and sweet read. I loved it from start to finish. What Happens When the preacher's daughter gets involved-with the town's bad boy? Laney Can Help the sexy bad boy Realize how much he is missing when you finish live your life without love? How long will convince Jake Himself does he need it?

The Characters:

"I do not want to do wild things. All I've ever really wanted out of life is to find the perfect man to sweep me off my feet, get married, have a family, and live happily ever after. And I do not have to get wild to Achieve Those Things. "
Laney Holt is the small town preacher's daughter. She does not want to take risk or live life recklessly. She wants the kind of love her parents have. She is the epitome of everything That makes a girl a "good girl".

 She Has her vision of what will make her happy, until one day, her fiancée and longtime best friend bring her fantasy crashing down around her. Trying to pick up the pieces of her life she takes a job that will have her going back to her small town for a few weeks. This leads her right into the path of the town's bad boy, someone she  Has not  seen since shared Their kiss four years earlier.

"Guys like me though, we're better off without much love in our life. Keeps us focused, keeps the edge sharp, and that's the way I like it. "

Jake Theopolis does not have the best reputation (that's putting it mildly) in His home town. Most of Which admittedly he earned. Jake likes to live His life in the moment. He is always looking for the next rush, like His next opportunity to get blood pumping and adrenaline flowing That. He closes Off His heart and stops making any real connections with anyone, including His sister Jenna. Jake has come back from traveling to Keep His Family's peach orchard from His loving aunt money. When the law firm sends a paralegal to take inventory Jake is pleasantly surprised. Plus one hilarious moment with the garden hose. It is the preacher's daughter, as prim and proper, as he kissed her When she was four years in August Jake can not wait to ruffle the feathers of the cool and collect Laney Holt. Jake's plans for Laney include letting loose and walking on the wild side of life. Getting Laney to have hot and wild sex with him is just the icing on the cake.

The Story:

Jake Has never been one for long term relationships. He has closed His heart to love and a preacher's daughter is not going to change that. Well I mean he will try His damndest to keep it closed. Jake is Everything That Has Laney's dad taught her to run from. But Laney tried to follow her dreams and she got burned by, what her dad would Consider, the perfect man. Now she is ready to break free from the normal routine of her life safe. That Laney knows Jake is not the one to form attachments but he is the One That will show her how to walk on the wild side.

The teasing escalates.

The flirting escalates.

Until finally Laney Gives in to what her body wants, Jake. Soon Laney starts to discover the man behind the bad boy façade. When she does she starts to learn Jake That might be everything she did not know she was looking for.
Has Jake demons. Ones That Could Keep them apart Unless he learns to let them go. Can Jake learn to love someone without His Father's words playing in the back of His Head? Or Those words will make him run from the happiness he craves and Laney?

Now for my Thoughts:

I freaking loved this book. Granted I have not really found an M. Leighton hated the book yet, but anyway it was great. I loved the flash back in the beginning. It was cute and Showed us That Laney had a little bit of a wild side before we ever really got to know her.

She was the good girl but it was not over the top or annoying. Could you tell there was more to her than what she would admit to herself. The story was as much about her finding herself as finding love.

Jake, oh, Jake.

He is the sexy bad boy you can never get enough of. Jake was Able to bring out the best in Laney and give her the strength she needed to go after what she wants. We do not really get to know about what happened between him and his father until the end but my god That was messed up. Who freakin 'That says to a child. Jake was amazing and loving even When He  was not  trying to be.
That I thought the progression of Their relationship was great. It was not insta-love, it was not even insta-sex. In the beginning he had to work for it and that's how it Should Be.

Now the ex-fiancée was a total douche and a complete manipulator. I still wonder what would have happened is Laney got to say what she needed to in the bar. But Also it was probably better for Jake to Realize what he was giving up.

Their reunion was great and so was the ending. I loved everything about it. Plus Who could read That  marshmallow  scenes and not fall in love with this book. 

 All in all, Some Like It Wild better be in your Goodreads to-read shelf. It was a fun book to read and Everyone should enjoy it. Ans as with all of her books.

Below is the Amazon and Goodreads links as well as M. Leighton's website. That She Has many other books need to be read so GO READ THEM!!!!!


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