August 29, 2014

Karma Blitz

Charity Ferrell 

Publication date: June 6th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

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I’m cursed. Yes, cursed and this isn’t some paranormal fantasy. This is my real life. Karma has decided to last out on me. I’ll never find my true love and I’m learning to accept that. The only problem is; he isn’t. He’s starting a war with karma and everyone knows karma always fights back with a vengeance.

Gabby Taylor is screwed. On her first day at her new internship, she runs into the guy she’s been fighting to avoid. The one guy whose family despises her and she drunkenly gave her virginity away to. And he’s her new co-worker.

She is messing up everything Dalton Douglas has planned. She climbed her way into his thoughts, thrown her bags down and he could’t manage to evict her- even if it cost him everything he’s been working his ass off for. The only problem is: she’s fighting him. 

He will fight to keep her but can he manage to hide his own secrets that would ruin everything between them?

“You’re not cursed, baby.”

“I am, too,” I screeched, tossing my hands up. “We’ve already had this discussion, and there’s no changing my mind. Eventually you’ll see for yourself.” My stomach tightened at my revelation. I was afraid of Lady Karma ripping him away from me.

His hand moved to my cheek, and he slowly began to stroke it softly. “Then call me a fucking prince, a guy witch or whoever fixes that shit, because I’m going to break that curse.” I laughed, averting my eyes and focusing on the rough feel of the couch. His hands slid down to my chin, bringing my eyes back up to his. “I’m going to kick that curse’s ass so hard it won’t come near you again,” he added, and I let out a light giggle. “You hear me?” His fingers trailed over to my mouth, tracing the outline of my top lip back and forth.

“It’s a warlock,” I replied, and his hand froze.

He blinked twice before saying anything. “I’m sorry, what?”

“It’s a warlock,” I began to explain. “Guy witches are warlocks.”

His eyes went wide, and he pressed his palms to my cheeks. “Are you fucking kidding me, babe? Out of all of that shit, you picked up that I got the male witch reference wrong. Jesus, maybe you are cursed,” he responded, his mouth twitching into a wide smile, showing me all of his pearly-white teeth.

“I told you.”

His lips touched mine then pulled away; he snapped his fingers in front of my face. “There, now the curse is gone. It’s been broken.”

I shook my head. “A kiss that breaks the curse? This isn’t a Disney movie, buddy.” 


Charity Ferrell was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and still resides there with her future hubby and furry, four legged children. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, caving into her online shopping addiction or spending time with her family.

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