August 21, 2014

Personal Target Review

Personal Target

(Elite Ops Book #2)
Kay Thomas
4 Stars!!!

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AEGIS: an elite team of ex-military men working under the radar of most governments. If you have a problem no one else can handle, they can help.
A former SEAL and Black Ops specialist who left the CIA, Nick Donovan gave up a life on the edge to work in the private sector. But that didn't stop his enemies from coming after him—or his family. In a case of mistaken identity, a drug cartel kidnaps his sister-in-law's best friend … a woman from Nick's past.
One minute Jennifer Grayson is housesitting and the next she's abducted to a foreign brothel. Jennifer is planning her escape when her first "customer" arrives. Nick, the man who broke her heart years ago, has come to her rescue. Now, as they race for their lives, passion for each other reignites and old secrets resurface. Can Nick keep the woman he loves safe against an enemy with a personal vendetta?

This is the first Elite Ops book that I have read. I am glad that I joined this book tour because I would have been missing out on something awesome. Kay Thomas manages to create a book that leaves you guessing after every chapter you finish. When you have the answer to one problem there is always a bigger one waiting for you to solve. There are always questions and if you think you know what is going on Kay throws you off the trail. There were enough heart stopping moments that you couldn’t do anything but keep turning the pages. The actions starts almost immediately. There is no waiting around for something happen. Kay starts the action and doesn’t stop until the last page.

Jennifer Grayson is housesitting for her best friend when she gets abducted and forced to work in a brothel in Mexico. She has to keep up the appearance that she is Nick Donovan’s sister-in-law to stay alive. She is trying to keep her eyes open so that she can make an escape. She has prepared herself as much as she can for the things she is going to be forced to do before she can escape. When her first costumer walks in it’s the last person she ever though she would see again. Jennifer is a puts up a pretty strong front against the situation that she is in. She keeps hope that she will survive no matter how many times her life is in danger.

Nick Donovan has been working for the CIA until about a year ago and now he is working for a private company called AEGIS. He is on vacation when he gets a photo of what is supposed to be his sister-in-law being abducted. He learns that it is the one woman he hasn’t been able to forget and now he is going to give everything he has to get her back. Once they are together again they are running for their lives. Someone has betrayed Nick he just doesn’t know who yet. Nick was a great leading man. He was sexy, protective, and bad ass. He has always had to numb his emotions for his job but now he wants them back. Seeing Jenny again and learning why they never moved past a summer fling is bring them back and it was heartbreaking to watch him go through the struggle of controlling his emotions.

We got to watch Nick and Jennifer work through their problems and realize they never stopped loving each other. This was a great book. The only thing I didn’t like was the ending. Not only did we get left hanging but it was really abrupt. I thought that I had a few more pages but it kind of just ended. I was really confused. Other than that this book was great and I would recommend it to anyone that likes action with their hot and steamy romances.


  1. I realize this is fiction, Kay, but honestly, I don't see why more ex-military men can't have a career like your Elite Ops guys. But first, we have to help them through the trauma of war and PTSD. They have to be pretty strong mentally to be in a post-military career like this. That's just my thought anyway. Thanks for the post!