March 8, 2015

REVIEW: The Chalice of Kari ( The Daguronian Chronicles #1) By, Cahira O'Donnell

Better to Die

Exploited by the government for her psychic gifts, Kahara Mitchell has unwittingly been trained as a deadly assassin. Unwilling to be used to kill innocents, she goes AWOL until her journey ends with her dying – buried under rubble in the wake of a tsunami. At her darkest hour, Lords Rom and Rah Andor, mirror twins from another galaxy rescue her – taking her to their intergalactic fleet where they heal and court her, determined to make her their own.  

 To Die For

Karinian Lords, Rom and Rah Andor are the co-ruling kings of the entire Daguronian Sector. They have waited over nine hundred years to find their destined mate. Now the two gigantic alien warriors must win Kahara’s love and willingness to bond, or die trying. Conspiracies abound to sabotage the triad union in an attempt to destroy the brothers and take down House Kari.

The Mission

 The royal triad is prophesized to be the powerful force uncovering an ancient exploitive system that has driven many races to near extinction. But to do so, the protective brothers must allow their beloved mate to endanger herself as she uses her gifts fighting by their side in a war that determines the destiny of galaxies. 


The Chalice of Kari was a mix between fantasy and paranormal. There was a great mix of both types of elements in this book that made it a great read. There were different races including bloodsucker, shifter, and maybe the most interesting, the Amonian race. While the plot was a little hard to follow in the beginning it got better and became a very interesting read.

The Chalice of Kari was filled with multiple characters that you could fall in love with. Both of the mates had different personalities and different voices but they were very good to Kahara. Kahara was a very interesting character by herself. She went through some major challenges and changes that made her a more interesting character. She wasn’t ready to just follow the customs she challenged them and ended up helping overall. She started out timid and shy, after her healing, but went back to being more take charge and not easily pushed around. She was a great character overall.

Overall, the story and plot were great and the sexy times were fun. The romance was a bit formal and lacking for me but hopefully it gets better in coming books. I do have to say because this is the first book there was a lot of information thrown at the reader. Some of it was hard to follow and some of the more political stuff was even boring. But other than those few times the reading and information was very interesting. I would definitely love to see where this series is going to go next. I will definitely be watching out for the next book.

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