March 17, 2015

REVIEW: Reckless Love (Hard to Love #2) By, Kendall Ryan

Cage fighting always came first for him…

Ian’s life is full of sacrifice. His intense training schedule means brutal workouts, no drinking, and worst of all, no pussy. But it’s all worth it because he’s about to go pro. When a tempting young nurse starts working at his gym, he can’t escape the dirty desires clouding his mind, and it’s driving him crazy. He’d love a taste, but he needs his focus now more than ever.

She’s kept her heart on maximum-security lockdown…

Growing up in foster care, MacKenzie learned early on that love was something other people experienced, something she’d seen but never felt. When she meets sexy cage fighter, Ian, she expects nothing more than a one-night stand, but he walks away before they seal the deal. Now she’d like to forget the night they almost hooked up. But she’s just taken a job working at his gym, and despite her efforts to move on, his allure is overpowering. When Ian gets injured, they begin working together on his rehabilitation, and their one-on-one physical therapy sessions are so hot they sizzle, leaving them both desperate for more contact.

The battle for their love is about to become a fight to the finish.


I am a huge fan of Kendall Ryan’s writing so when I saw this book I knew I had to take the chance to read it. I have not read Cade and Alexa’s story but Filthy Beautiful Lies is probably one of my favorite series. This series is pretty close and after devouring this book I am definitely going to be picking up the first book.

“She leaned over me, resting gentle fingers on my bare chest. Her long honey-colored hair brushed against my skin, and just like that, I was hers. Totally dumbstruck and hers. I couldn’t even fucking talk.”

MacKenzie has had a hard past, bouncing around foster homes she hasn’t had the foundation of love and support most people have had. She has a hard time letting people in and trusting them. Kenzie went through a major change through this book. She was someone who was scared and used every excuse under the sun to push people away. Kenzie became a person that learned to trust someone other than Alexa. Kenzie’s character had some seriously hilarious moments as well as some pretty heartbreaking ones. For someone that was never really shown compassion or how to care for someone she really gives it all for the people she loves.

“I’d worn my resistance down to the bone. I couldn’t push her away. So instead, I pulled her to me.”

Ian has been working his whole life trying to make it fighting professionally and now he is almost there. When he first met Kenzie he knew that she was different. They clicked on a level he never knew existed. But he pushed her away and now he definitely regrets it.  I loved Ian as a character. He was sexy, funny, and protective. Ian gives everything to the people he loves and now he has to try and convince Kenzie that she belongs there too. He was definitely patient with her. Ian was amazing and I loved getting to know him.

The writing was everything that you should expect from Kendall Ryan. The characters were well developed and the plot was intense and sexy as hell. The chemistry was off the charts even if this was a pretty clean romance. I mean there were a few sex scenes but most of the steamy moments was the tension. I loved this story and this definitely needs to be one clicked by romance fans.

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