March 4, 2015

REVIEW: The Hidden Library (The Collectors' Society #2) By, Heather Lyons

Sometimes, the rabbit hole is deeper than expected . . .

Alice Reeve and Finn Van Brunt have tumbled into a life of secrets. Some secrets they share, such as their employment by the clandestine organization known as The Collectors’ Society. Other secrets they carry within them, fighting to keep buried the things that could change everything they think they know.

On the hunt for an elusive villain who is hell-bent on destroying legacies, Alice, Finn, and the rest of the Society are desperate to unravel the mysteries surrounding them. But the farther they spiral down this rabbit hole, the deeper they fall into secrets that will test their loyalties and pit them against enemies both new and old.

Secrets, they come to find, can reveal the deadliest of truths.


The Hidden Library is the second book in the Collectors’ Society series. The first book was action packed and full of adventure and this book just takes all of that up a notch. Heather Lyons created an amazing sequel and I can’t wait for more from this author.

This book picks up right where we left off with the rest of the Collectors’ Society crew. We get to follow Alice and Finn in their latest adventures. Following around literary characters that are truly alive and well. These literary characters live are called timelines and some type of evil is trying to destroy these timelines. It is up to the Collectors’ Society to keep these characters and their timelines safe.

While this story was as interesting as the first I found the beginning was a little hard to get into. It didn’t immediately suck me in like the first one did. And that quickly changed. Once I get back into the story and the characters the story picked up for me. I love how this story is set up and written. It takes place in the twenty first century but it seems to be written like a historical fiction book. The writing is lyrical and flows really well. Heather Lyons created an intricate and captivating plot with dynamic characters.

My only real problem was with the romance. Alice is such a strong and amazing character that her personality seemed to completely overshadow the romance in the book. I didn’t really feel the bond between Alice and Finn. Plus it seems that there is someone else and that took away from it as well. Other than that I really enjoyed the whole story. There was a lot to like about this series and I can’t wait to continue with what this author has to offer.

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