March 11, 2015

REVIEW: No More Regrets By, Tamra Lassiter

Don’t let yesterday’s regrets control your future.

Rocked by her husband’s infidelity and subsequent divorce, Emmy Bennett is doing her best to keep her children’s lives steady and not repeat the mistakes of her past. Selling her jewelry to pay the mortgage seems like a great idea until she finds herself face-to-face with a gun.

Retired Navy SEAL, Ed Jackson, is captivated by Emmy the first moment he sees her. Her nervous mannerisms get his attention, but when he saves Emmy from an attempted robbery, he discovers that maybe he’s pulled to her for reasons other than his curiosity. 

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This story takes place over a short period of time but let me tell you in those few short days these characters go through and learn so much. The book was so well written that you go on this roller coaster and it doesn’t feel like the few days that it is. You really do learn to care about these characters and hope for the best for them.

Emmy Bennett is learning to live with the means that she has. She found her husband cheating on her and now after the divorce she is trying to give her kids normal, in the house they have grown up in. To do that she has to sell her jewelry on Craig’s list. When one sell goes wring she almost loses everything until a man shows up to save her. Emmy is a mom who is trying to keep everything together. She has been living her life full of regrets and she is determined not to live like that anymore. She is very strong and stubborn at times. She is definitely afraid to let love back into her life. She is definitely a strong person that is willing to do anything for her family.

Ed Jackson is a former Navy SEAL who is traveling to San Diego to start his new business. When he meets a friend for drinks he sees a woman is beautiful but very nervous. He decides he is going to follow her and it ends up being one of his best decisions. He saves her from two men with guns. After that his entire plans have changed. I loved Jackson. He was sweet and caring and wanted the best for Emmy. He tried to give her space but also show her that she can trust and open her heart again without it becoming a regret. He clicks immediately with her family and Jackson definitely keeps them safe. He was a great character. Perfect for Emmy and her family.

This book was a quick and interesting read. So much happened in this book and it never really let up. Emmy was having all of these bad things happen to her but at the same time she had Jackson bringing new and exciting things into her life as well. Jackson was growing and learning how to love someone again. The story was well written and the flow worked. Even though there was a lot it didn’t feel overwhelming. Everything was set up nicely and it was believable. I enjoyed this book and I will definitely be picking up more from this author.

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