March 11, 2015

REVIEW: Love Strung (The Love Series #2) By, Jamie W. Matlock

Country music hopeful, Kennedy Masters is a leap-before-you-look type of woman. Live in the moment, the here and now. That's her policy - anything other than that is boring, and she's never been particularly interested in boring. So, when she makes the erratic decision to join country music's reigning star, Mick Callahan, on his tour bus after a show, she's just living right up to her life's motto.

The only problem? Her snap decision making lands her on the front page news and it's for less than desirable reasons. Even worse is the fact that Mick decides she's his next conquest, sporadically announcing to the public that they're engaged.

Her only option? Hiding out at the Callahan Ranch until the storm blows over - a decision that she's not altogether pleased with, but one that she must follow considering the circumstances. When unexpected sparks fly upon meeting Mick's mysterious older brother, Griff Callahan, Kennedy's left sorting through matters of the heart - something that's not exactly her forte.

Oh,and her career? Well, it's been labeled TBD.

Kennedy must figure out a way to deal with her heart and her career, all while fighting her own feelings and fending off someone else's.


This book is the second book in a companion novel series featuring sisters by Jamie W. Matlock. Love Aced is the first book in the series and follows Kole Masters and her journey to find love. Love Strung follows Kole’s spontaneous sister, Kennedy, in her own journey to find love and fame in the country music business. While I did not read the first book I was really happy starting out with this one. Even though Kole was not a heavy character I got to understand who she is and how much loves Kennedy. Kennedy was a fun and sometimes wreck less character that was trying to find her way.

Kennedy Masters has always been the opposite of Kole in every way. She was never the organized one, she was spontaneous, and most of the time the life of the party.  Kennedy has never felt special in a family where her father puts all of his focus on her sister. The only thing she has ever really loved was music. Now she is determined to make it in Nashville without her father’s help or money. Kennedy is singing back-up on tour for Mick Callahan. When he starts to show interest she knows she should stay far away from him. Instead she follows him onto his tour bus and everything starts to fall apart. I actually really liked Kennedy as a character. She had a great character arc throughout the book. She trust out impulsive and wreck less. In the beginning she doesn’t think about how her actions effect anyone but her. While she starts out this way she grows into a mature woman who tries to right the wrong decisions she has made in the past.

Griff Callahan has always had to clean up his brother’s messes. Mick is impulsive and never finishes what he starts. He usually leaves it for Griff to clean up. So when Griff wakes up to find a woman dressed in a robe he doesn’t think anything of it. Other than she is another one of Mick’s horde.  So he does what Griff does best. He tries to clean up what Mick left behind only he can’t get Kennedy out of his head. He hates her or more he should hate her but he can’t stop wanting her either. Griff was a grade-A jerk in the beginning of this book. He said some really hurtful and spiteful things that Kennedy didn’t deserve. I had a really hard time forgiving him and getting to the point where I liked him. There is a being an ass and then there is being a complete douche to a random stranger. Once we get through that part and we start to learn more about his character the more I like him. He was definitely a character that grew on me eventually.

Jamie Matlock created a world and characters that gripped you. Even though I wasn’t sure about the brothers there was something about the whole world that kept me going. I had to turn the page and see the characters grow. There were definitely some secondary characters that I would love to see more from, like Griff’s sister. I don’t know that I like Mick enough to want his book though. If you like Love Aced we get a look into Kole’s happy ending as well. Overall the story was well written and really grew on me. I will be picking up Love Aced and maybe some other works from this author.

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  1. Great review, Alexa! I love a book with a big cast of well developed characters and this one sounds like a great read overall, too!

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