January 25, 2015

REVIEW: Anyone? By, Angela Scott

Young Adult, Apocalyptic, Survival, Horror

The end of the world? That’s the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters and deep philosophical exercises in school. No need to sweat it. So when sixteen-year-old Tess’s doomsday-dad builds a bomb shelter in their suburban backyard, everyone thinks he’s gone crazy….

…Until fire rains down from the sky, sinking whole cities into colossal craters and setting much of the world ablaze.

Tess’s dad gives her a few short minutes to gather her emergency bag and her freaked-out kitten, then leads her outside and into the underground shelter. Terrified, the last thing she expects is for him to leave her there all alone, but he has no choice—he must find her missing brother.

Before leaving, he makes Tess promise to keep the hatch door shut, not to open it for anyone but him, and to stay put until he returns.

But he forgot to tell her one thing: What is she supposed to do if he never comes back?


I loved the way this book opened up. The author brought you right into the chaos and confusion. There wasn’t any backstory to Tess. We meet her the night her world is falling apart and her father is leaving her. I really liked that we started the story right at the beginning that mattered. Not a few days before but the end.

Tess’s dad was a doomsday planner. He had a bunker in his back yard that had everything they could ever need if the world fell apart. Then it did. Tess goes to the bunker only to realize she will be immediately left behind. Her brother, Tony, is nowhere to be found and now her dad needs to go find him. It will only be a few hours, until those hours pass and he doesn’t return.

I really liked the way the author brought us into this story. We never really go to know Tess or her dad before the chaos started. Tess ended up being in the bunker for two months alone. We only got snippets of her time down there before the real story began, when she finally leaves the bunker to look for her dad and brother. Tess herself is not a character I really liked or connected too. She was really immature and na├»ve about almost everything. I know she is young but the way she reacted to some things that she does made we want to slap her and be like wake up the people aren’t coming back! I went through a lot of this book contemplating putting it down because of her. Cole and the writing really saved this story for me. Cole was a mystery but the banter between the two of them was hilarious. He was also really sweet to someone who was stubborn and not really likeable.

The book filled you with a whole bunch of questions but never really gave you any answers. You can have all of these theories but the author never gives us a straight answer. If an author writes this way well it can be a fun ride but overly annoying if they can’t. Angela Scott definitely pulled this off. I can’t wait to read more in this story.

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