May 5, 2014

Pulled Beneath Review

Pulled Beneath

Marni Mann

4 Stars!!!

My Thoughts ....
" Why? "

From the beginning of this book out protagonist has been asking this question.The very first chapter we meet Drew. She is sneaking out of her hometown hook-up's house. Her life is exactly the way she has always thought she wanted it, a happy relationship with her ​​parents, spending time with her ​​best friend, and for now a no commitment relationship with a man past the nights they hook-up. Then one night a tragedy happened. Her life will never be the same. One night has changed the entire future for Drew. Her parents, her rock, were taken from her in a robbery gone wrong. Now she left asking Why. Why did this happen? Why did she just find out her grandparents died only recently? Why are there so many secrets? 

Drew Stevens

Shes a girl from Florida who had her entire life planned out. She knew what she wanted. She was going to be a photographer and set up a studio in her hometown. Her first project was to advertise her parent's flower shop. One night a druggie breaks into her parent's house, robs the place, and murders her parents in the process. She is devastated. She was very close to her parents and now that she has lost them she does not know how to move on. She uses swimming as a way to quiet her mind. At first I was really happy that she had found a way to try and help the devastation she feels in a way that is not self-destructive. Until she changes that. Then I was mad. I understand it though. I thought the emotions were very genuine. Having three months to get over something so tragic, before getting an envelope that says you have property in Maine, was not enough time but going there by herself was a show of strength. When she gets there he meets Saint. Someone else that seems to bring her to the quiet mind only swimming has been able to do.

"For those few second, I felt weightless. I felt like motion was beyond my control, and my concern. I felt attended to. And I liked all of it."

Justin "Saint" Drake

Saint is the sexy bad boy of Bar Harbor, or so everyone thinks. He has his own demons that he doesn't want shared with anyone.  Like any good bad boy he tries to keep himself and his past away from Drew.  He just can't seem to stay away.  He doesn't want to just become another bad habit for her.  Even trying to keep her at arms length he is swoon worthy.  He is not the usual bad boy.  He did not earn the title and he doesn't deserve it.  (Well I do not think so)

"Because I can not let you go yet," he said softly
He did not kiss me. He did not have to. I could feel what was passing between us without our breath mingling. "

Their connection was immediate. The best part was it was not insta-love. I do like some books like that but this time wasn't going to be one of those times. Drew was convinced she was not staying in Maine. She was going back to Florida. Going back to her home. At first he did not want to get attached to someone who was leaving and then he was determined to convince her to stay.

Now the reason I first wanted to read this book was because it was set in Maine. I am from Maine and I thought it would be cool to get someone else's opinion of my home state and a town that I have been to a million times. I love some of the quotes in there about Marni Mann has about Maine. It captures a Mainer completely. Plus I actually read one of her characters say the word Wicked. She had me completely convinced she had actually experienced New England instead of just reading and researching about it. (Found out she's lived in New England and that would be why.)

"Nope. Fingers only, "he said. 
"What is it with you and fingers?"
"It makes it taste better. It's like eating lobster ... Mainers do not use a fork, only tourist do. It fucks up the flavor. "

This is so funny because it is true. You will never see a Mainer use a fork for a Whoppie pie or for a Lobster.

"We went apple picking. We were trying to immersed ourselves in a real Maine autumn. "

Now back to the writing. The extra characters brought even more to the book. I was not sure how I felt about Brady and Rae but I ended up feeling bad for one and hating the other. I wont tell you which. The twist in the book is pretty cool. You can kind of guess parts but I could not figure it out completely. Which makes the book even better in my opinion.

This book is a must read!

"We're not Mainers quite yet."
He smirked. "And you never will be if you do not just hold your breath and jump into."
So that was exactly what we did. "


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