May 16, 2014

Up For Grabs Review

Up For Grabs


Heather Young-Nichols

4 Stars!

When Flannery Tate left home for a college halfway across the country in Michigan, she'd only planned on getting an education. But when Cain Dorsey walked into her life, she had no choice but to fall for him. However, what’s a girl to do when her scholarship well runs dry? Return home? Get a job?

Flannery gets creative. She decides to sell the most precious and valuable thing she can - her virginity - to the highest bidder. When Cain discovers her plan, their world crumbles. Will they be able to move past her betrayal and find a way back to each other? Or, is this the beginning of the end? UP FOR GRABS is a story of love, heartbreak and truth.

My thoughts..

When I first picked this book up I wasn’t sure what to think about it. I mean she was going to sell her virginity to stay in college and with her boyfriend. It was a new story line for me so I thought that I would give it a try. I mean it did sound interesting. This book didn’t disappoint. It was definitely interesting and it kept you invested in the story. The flow of the story was great and the characters were entertaining.

Flannery Tate doesn’t come from money. She has a young mom and doesn’t know who her dad is. She works hard to keep her grades up so she can keep her scholarship and stay in school. She doesn’t really date or go to parties because that would be a distraction. Then in one of her classes she meet Cain, they are put into a group with one of her friends and another student. Eventually they go out on their first date. She loses her scholarship and can’t come up with an alternative other than selling her virginity to pay for next year’s tuition.

I liked Flannery. She wasn’t one of my favorite characters ever but I liked her. She worked really hard for everything she had and she threw herself into school so that she could do well. I just don’t understand the lengths she went to. I mean there were other ways she could have taken care of the tuition and if she was going to take the “loan” from Cain anyway she should have told him from the beginning. I mean who is like I can't get grants so lets sell my v-card like this other person I read about in the news. Really?  Other than that she was a good character. She was determined and caring.

Cain is the opposite of Flannery. He has money, he has an apartment, and he has a great family. Cain meets Flannery in class and notices her a year before the two of them even talk. Cain makes his move and they are finally a couple. Everything is going better than expected and then he finds out her secret. He feels betrayed and leaves her.

I like Cain, a lot, until he found out about Flannery’s secret. Yes I understand him being mad but I felt like he was a little immature about it. He didn’t look at from Flannery’s view and even his dad could see why she was doing it. Anyways he was a great boyfriend before and after the whole secret thing. He was loving, caring, and tried to be the best boyfriend he could be. He didn’t push her to have sex even before she made this deal.

I loved that we got a lot of the romance and relationship between the two of them. I hate it when it takes forever for them to get together and then something splits them up and we don’t really get to see them as a couple. The other characters were great. I loved Adam and Kendra. I would love to see a book for them. Cain’s family was pretty cool too, except the brother.

This story was interesting and really good. I loved the ending and I would continue to read things from this author. This book was funny and entertaining and really hard to put down.

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