May 9, 2014

Acting Up guest post

Acting Up
A Covington Falls Chronicles Romance
By: Kristin Wallace


Addison Covington is the reigning Ice Queen of television. Until her producer husband falls in love with her on-screen daughter and a well-placed punch on national television casts her as the wicked ex-wife. Fired and disgraced, she escapes to Covington Falls, the idyllic Southern town where she found comfort in a time of turmoil as a teenager.

Life is constantly on the brink of chaos for widower Ethan Thomas. Being a single father is one challenge. As a high school principle he also has to deal with hundreds of students and their interfering parents. Now, he’s short one drama teacher and if he doesn’t find a replacement to direct the spring musical he’s going to have a riot on his hands. His childhood neighbor, Addison Covington, could be an answer to prayer. Or one more complication he can’t afford.
Before Addison can say “Casting Call” she's drafted to direct the high school musical. Soon she’d dealing with some off-key caterwauling, a bitter stepson showing up on her doorstep, and the boy-next-door turned sexiest high school principal she's ever met. 

One thing Addison and Ethan agree on is that there’s no room in their lives for romance. He’s got too much at stake, and she needs to reclaim her former glory in Hollywood. In the end, these two lost souls will choreograph a happy ending with the help of Grace, Love and a Curtain Call.

Author Info
Growing up Kristin devoured books like bags of Dove Dark Chocolate.  Everything from Nancy Drew & Encyclopedia Brown to C.S. Lewis and the  Sweet Valley High series. Later she discovered romance novels. It’s no surprise then that Kristin would one day try her hand at writing them. She writes inspirational romance and women’s fiction filled with love, laughter and a leap of faith. In May 2013, Kristin sold her first novel, MARRY ME, to Astraea Press. Publication date to come!
 When she’s not writing her next novel, Kristin works as an advertising copywriter. She also enjoys singing in her church choir and playing flute in a community orchestra.

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A word from Kristin

Creating A Diva

In ACTING UP my heroine Addison Covington is a television’s reigning Ice Queen.  The star of a Dynasty-type show called House of Fashion. (Think Alexis Carrington for those of you who are old enough to remember.) When her husband (who is the producer of the show) has an affair with Addison’s on-screen daughter, she ends losing her marriage and then her career after she punches the other woman during a live taping. To get away from the bad press she  escapes to tiny Covington Falls, Georgia. She has a history with the town. She lived there with her great aunt for two years after her father’s death. Addison grew close to her aunt during that time, but once she took off for Hollywood she left her old life behind. She even adopted a new name, taking the name of the town as her own.

The shy, brown-haired, mousy Alice Faye Jones is snuffed out, replaced by a glamorous, blonde, sexy, Addison Covington. Addison is a bit of a diva, which is makes her fun, but she never becomes malicious or as cold as the character she once portrayed on TV. She’s fought hard to get where she is in her career, and she’s not ashamed to say it. She’s also bold and gutsy, something her alter ego (Alice Jones) never was. To her Alice was invisible, but Addison can never be overlooked. She’s snarky and sarcastic and boldly says whatever she feels.

There are many instances where the glamorous TV star faces the reality of living in a small town, such as having to get her hair colored at a salon located next to a hardware store. Addison’s platinum blonde, Grace Kelly-like style became a signature look so letting anyone touch her hair is a big deal for her. Addison is also not above using her skills as an actress to shamelessly manipulate people. She’s not evil about it (and frankly some of the people need to be manipulated). She always uses her special skills in a way that makes you laugh, so you don’t care.

For you readers…what are some of your favorite divas from TV or the movies? Do you think they get a bad rap?

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