May 12, 2014

The Wicked Rush Review

The Wicked Rush
Wild Rush # 1
Jessie Evans
3.5 Stars!

“You know what I like, Caitlin. You know I want you to beg for it.”


I’ve never been the kind of person to give up on something I want. Now, I refuse to take no for an answer. I want this girl. I want to help her, and sleep with her, and steal things with her, and make her laugh the way she did right that night in her friend's car. We’re going to have a summer neither of us will ever forget, and by the time we go our separate ways, she’ll have enough money to go to college, and I will have had her…every way I want her.


I’m starting to forget why it’s a bad idea to get in any deeper with a boy who is a walking, talking contradiction. A boy who has a taste for breaking the law, a wicked way with words, and a confident touch that leaves no doubt he’s way more experienced than I am. I’ve spent my life putting aside my own needs and cleaning up after other people’s mistakes. Now, I want to make a mistake of my own.

I know I’m playing with fire, but for Gabe I'm willing to beg to be burned.

THIS WICKED RUSH is an edgy, sexy, boundary-pushing read intended for readers over the age of seventeen. The book features graphic love scenes, violence, strong language, and thieves in love. Read at your own risk.

My Thoughts…

“This thing with Caitlin feels…inevitable, like I was meant to spend this last summer with her, like I was meant to rip my heart out of my chest and hand it over to this girl.

Still beating.

Still raw and ugly and messy, but real, the realest thing I’ve ever known.”

This is my first Jessie Evans book and I think I should be picking more up. This book was unexpected. This book was dark and sexy, as well as, light and funny. This book had a little bit of everything. It was definitely beautiful and heartbreaking no matter what trouble the main characters where getting into.

Caitlin is trying to keep her family together. Her mother left, her sister left her sister in the house and hasn’t been seen since, and now she is trying to feed four mouths and keep a roof over their head. She meets Gabe and he offers a rush, a way to get her hands on money, deal out some karma, and have some fun with a sexy guy. She fights it. Stealing, even, from people who deserve it is wrong. But she can’t resist for long. And a beautiful relationship begins.

Gabe can’t promise more than the summer. He wants to give Caitlin one summer that is full of an adrenaline rush that will hopefully last a lifetime. Gabe wants to give her all that he can. He wants to help with money, fun, and he wants to be a part of a real family. Something his parents never gave him. The only problem is he falls in love. He falls in love with Caitlin, her siblings, and the life he can’t have.

 “I've never been good at doing what I should. I don't resist Temptation, I throw him a big, loud party and invite a Trouble to DJ.”

I am getting emotional just writing the review for this book. I mean you can kind of guess what Caitlin and Gabe’s one big problem is while reading but when you have prepared yourself for that ending Jessie Evans throws you a curve ball. She gives you hope that the story can change.

I loved the characters. Gabe and Caitlin where perfectly flawed together. Together they made each other the best versions of themselves they could be. (weird since there is a lot of law breaking) But that is also the hardest part. They make each other better but they can’t have a future. They have the summer and that’s all life can give them. I thought her brothers and niece where a good addition as well.

I am not sure how I feel about the cliffhanger. Gabe is either an asshole because he left her thinking the worst, or his parents are monsters for the same reason. The story didn’t feel like it needed to be dragged out into another book. I will read it; don’t get me wrong, this one was great. I just wish the story had a conclusion in this one.  This book was so much more than I thought it was going to be. Give it a try you won’t regret it!

“In my heart, I know she’d want to do it. She’d want to know that I wasn’t alone, that the most important person in my life was with me. And she has to know that person is her, that she is…everything.”

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